Friday, February 26, 2016

Darkness Giving Way To Lightness

We have had some strange weather but the days march (ha) toward more light.  More warmth.

I finished the last of the placemats, rearranged the drawer (Konda style) with the placemats folded in half then in thirds then like books, spine side up.  The napkins folded into fat squares, then lined up.  Easy to choose a new placemat and a matching or contrasting napkin.  Lots of orange fabric energy in the drawer.  Next sewing project will be more napkins made of commercial quilting fabric.

The paper notes and messages in the photo--well, there are so many pieces of things, projects, thoughts running around just now.  Yesterday I checked on my milk jug seed starting project.  A few containers needed to be watered--I scraped snow into them.  Had to watch where I set my feet as there was slippery ice in unexpected places.

That's how life seems right now--unexpected slippery spots.

Kitchen plans include Onion Soup and another soup using up the head of Escarole in the fridge (with white beans and tomato).  My plan is to try and empty the fridge and give the shelves a good wash. Fresh start and all that.  I do enjoy a sparkling clean fridge interior.

Nearly time to start my tomato and pepper seeds.  And my Amaryllis bulbs have started to flower.  Right now it's the white with a thin red edge. The proper word begins with pi but I have lost my book on proper spelling and haven't managed to get my spell check to do anything other than replace the words I type with words that are total nonsense.

I'm going to stop now--later this afternoon I have a coffee date with my fair weather walking buddy.  I can't walk/talk with this new asthma condition so we have to make do with indoor coffee and conversation.  Don't fret--I have a consultation with a Pulmonary specialist in April and my oxygen levels are 100% when tested.  The Adair put a stop to the constant coughing--which is delightful.

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