Monday, July 27, 2015

Establishing A Guest Bedroom

In a house with four bedrooms and only one bed.  Sigh.  It hasn't gone smoothly.  My friend P is also trying to establish a comfortable (but not too) guest room for her guests.  We went looking for a full or queen bed frame for her guest room.   Me?  I prefer to have two twin beds in the guest room.

At one time, when guests were something that actually happened, I had one guest room with a queen bed, one with a king bed and the third room was my sewing room or G's office but could be turned into a third guest room with the two twins in about an hour's notice.  Our daughter has the queen.  A friend of the daughter--moving from a difficult situation with no furniture--got the king bed and the bedside tables and dresser.  And we never replaced any of it as we seemed able to fill any voids with stacks of storage containers.

We still have the 1950's maple bunk beds which filled (actually) the tiny bedroom I shared with my two brothers.  The youngest in a crib.  There was enough room for a child to walk (or fall out of bed) between the beds.  At each end, a wall.  Next to the crib--the door.  I think we had a window.  The walls were covered in parakeet wallpaper.  We shared that room until we moved when I was almost 10.  My brothers were almost 8 and 5.  Perhaps the youngest never really "matured" because he slept in a crib until he was 5???  Even with the side removed.

We are into day three with the new fridge.  It is very quiet.  The "other" one made a noticeable amount of noise with the motor and fans -- from the beginning.

The food inside is cold.  The ice maker is making ice.  Everything fit inside and I have empty spaces.
Enough spaces tall enough for milk containers and orange juice bottles.  The "chill" drawer has room for the deli sliced meats AND a week's supply of yogurt cups PLUS room for cheeses.

And, wonders to behold, a shelf above the ice maker "suitable for containers of ice cream".  It's been 2.5 years since we had room for a container of ice cream.

When the service guys came to install the new fridge and remove the old--they were rather stunned.  "This is a new fridge" they said to G when they first saw the Whirlpool.  And G said "yes, it's only 2 years old".  Why they asked?  Because it doesn't work and can't be repaired.  And they hauled it away.

Magnets don't stick to the new Electrolux.  It's actually stainless steel (or so G tells me).  The front of the Whirlpool--well, magnets stuck to it.  Enough said.

I have to get back to sorting out things in my sewing room and carrying them upstairs.  I have the paint and dye cabinet to work on this morning.  I have a Pfaff sewing machine that works on European wattage or with a transformer.  Anyone interested?

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Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

I am intrigued by the story of your fridge. Today our four year old Maytag went to the dump. The issue was that the bottom freezer froze everything rock hard while the food in the upper area heated. We would have to take the food out, remove the back inside wall of the freezer, put a heater inside to melt the ice buildup, and drain the water via the back (it never ever drained on its own), all of which took about 4 to 4.5 hours each time. That started at the first year mark, then every six months, and recently it's been every three weeks or less. Our local independent appliance store sold us the recommended repair kit so obviously there was a recognized problem. They also warned us that no one had any success with these kits which were supposed to help us bypass the issue...

Contacting Whirlpool was a waste of time and energy. They told us that the problem was our own fault because we did not have a registered technician install the kit. My husband is an electronic technician and begged to differ on an installation he assured me a 5 year old could do. They offered us another kit which we would have to pay a technician to come install. His fee? 90.00 for the call and 30.00 for every 15 minutes. Remember I mentioned the process took 4 to 4.5 hours...They also offered us 10% off a new appliance. Big whoop.

Arriving home last Saturday morning after visiting family while my husband worked out of town, he met me at the door and we immediately went and ordered a GE...After working long hours all week, he had come home to spend another 4.5 hours defrosting and throwing out more wasted food.

The only good thing in all this is that tomorrow I will go shop for condiments and probably spring for some nice jellies and yogurt! After all the food we have lost over four years, we can finally - hopefully - buy more than just small containers of the necessities.

Whirlpool? Never, never, ever again.