Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clearing Away a Few More Piles

This "pile" will be very enjoyable to "clear up" as it means more pasting into my journal.  I sorted the pile of tearouts from my magazine recycling and discovered all of these still waiting to be added to the journal. I also sorted out all the Paper Doll pages.  This magazine gave me a complimentary paper doll with two seasonal outfits each issue.  My friend K collected and cut hers out for her granddaughter to play with. I guess I kept mine for me to play with?  Next pile is all my Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper. I have already decided not to renew my subscription to QA.  Nothing there of any interest.

I also found that I had torn out a page with a VERY nice big chair that I can use to make a pattern.  That is making me very happy right now.  Lot's of possibilities.

The weather last night was incredible, as it went down into the high 50's overnight and the sleeping was excellent.  Top that with a viewing of Pilates on QVC (I pick up all sorts of new exercise tips) which has gotten me all interested in the Cardio Rebounder again.  That might be what I need to get my weight moving.

This morning I got a "report" from my blog.  One hundred twelve page views a day this week.  I am closing in on 100K in page views and 70K in visits.  I think the uptick is due to being linked to the 12 by 12 blog with my Gray Chair this month.  Thank you Terry.  I wish I had been prepared with new art to take advantage of the new visitors.  Instead, I was just nannering about my diet and the weather.  Boring.

We picked up G's truck last night.  They managed to undo all the wrong stuff and do all the right stuff and the truck is working now.  G got a $570 credit.  The service tech is "deeply embarrassed" by the mistake he made.  The service manager is "deeply apologetic" that any mistake was made.  They should have just consulted me.  As soon as G mentioned a new "computer" being added to, what is a very simple truck with crank windows and no bells and whistles.  I said "why would THAT truck need a $800 computer?"  And it didn't.   G is back on the road with his truck today.  I only got to drive it to work for the first year we owned it.  I liked filling it up with garden stuff.

My final Wallander book is good but not riveting.  Too much sadness.  Swedish men, in fiction, must find turning 60 to be very depressing.  It's all about the "end of life", no more growth, no more excitement etc.  I had thought Swedish men lived active lives into their 80's and 90's.  Even to 100.  That old Viking spirit.  Not Wallander, I guess.  My guess is that the author has these problems and Wallander, himself, would have been just fine.  Always eager to work on a puzzling case.

G managed to stay awake and watch two new episodes of Rizzoli & Iles.  Tonight we will attempt another episode of the Closer and two of Chelsea Lately.  I am TiVo-ing Big Brother and forwarding through most of the stupid "chatter".  I can watch a whole hour in about 10 to 15 minutes.  So much better this way. It's very obvious this season, that the show is taped well in advance and heavily edited.  They even edit in scenes from "the future" which is ridiculous.  Pay attention and there is no "drama" as to which House Guest is staying.

The budget Stuff and Murdock are proving to be more interesting and suspenseful.  A "pie in the face".  Those Brits know how to have fun with government don't they?  A little info on the Chinese Mrs.  Murdock brought to memory an episode of Criminal Intent.  Down to the smallest detail.  Do you remember it?  And the JLo intrigue.  Summer Fun.

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