Sunday, August 09, 2009

Orange Hot

Another sunny day. I can't complain. After all that miserable cold and rain. We steamed lobsters yesterday for dinner. A co-worker is related to a lobsterman and she was selling lobsters for $4.50 each. So I bought 4. And then learned how to steam them. I know we over cooked them. Kind of. But they were nice and red and went well with the melted butter. Later, after washing the kitchen down and spraying room freshener, we drove out to see if we could get ice cream before Cote's closed for the evening. We made it.

On either Wednesday or Thursday I got a spider bite at work while I was washing down the greenhouse floors. I didn't think much of it until it started itching, leaking and until my ankle and leg started getting red and hot. Then I thought maybe I should pay attention. Friday evening I went to bed and my ankle hurt and was very hot. I promised myself a visit to the ER if it looked the same or worse Saturday morning. It looked better. It was still puffy but not red or hot. Today, it's still leaking but no swelling and no heat. Spider bites can be dangerous. This spider bite seems to be just like all the other bites I've gotten since moving to Maine.

I signed and returned the contract to sell the Ohio house. Tomorrow I have to call and have the water turned back on. And, of course, the BMV has rejected my application to transfer the Ohio title to a Maine title. Essentially, they want me to fill out a form that says I am selling the car to myself. Even though I gave them the probate release.

In other news of Maine stupidity, the road work on Maine street is coming to an end. Parts of a long stretch of Maine street were dug up for new sewers and rain water sewers. Now that they have done all this nice, new work, they are laying down a 3 inch layer of asphalt OVER repairs, potholes, repaired potholes and whatever else is in the street. First big snow and EVERY one of the underlying repairs will POP UP as the plow goes over and take the 3 inches of new asphalt plus more with it. They could have taken a week or so and ground the roadway down to a good surface and then put the asphalt down. But NO. That would be smart and they aren't smart. And if they had ground the surface down they wouldn't have to spend the next few weeks and months RAISING the curbs. Job security for government employees. Town government. My taxes.

Lunchtime here, at almost 3 pm. I was vacuuming the floors (dog hair) and need to finish some laundry and iron G's white work shirts. I watered the garden and should check for cucumbers and zucchini. G brought in a peach off my tree and it was full of bugs (worms). Some raspberries are getting ripe and Riley is eating the ones outside the fence. Should be blueberries also. I saw some flowers on my eggplant and a few on the tiny tomatoes, peppers and beans. Not much time left for them to grow.

We're having reheated pizza.

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MariMo said...

Love the composition and the colors of the picture - feels so much like summer. Good to hear that the sale of the Ohio house is progressing. Road work stupidity seems to be the same in Maine/USA and Hessen/Germany....
Watch out for spiders!!