Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Second Thought

I was rather disappointed by yesterday's post. It seemed flat and boring. I erased it twice and probably should have just gone to watch television instead of posting. But, this is sometimes my only contact with people all day. Not that I chose to be reclusive yesterday. I had a pleasant luncheon date and met lots of friends at the library and in the parking lot. Perhaps that is the reason for the melancholy? Seeing and speaking to so many, made me sad to be suddenly alone, later in the day? Or perhaps, I was missing that easy conversation I had become used to while working at the library, seeing so many people pass by each day.

I might just be adjusting to a lessening of public contact now that I am working so few hours. I think that's why the non-happening Art Club this week was such a sharp disappointment. I needed some people around me.

G has a day off today. He has already been to the doctor and now he and Riley are out walking in the woods. When he gets home he will try and mow the grass before we have a shower. No sun today, yet. Just clouds.

I'm drinking my second cup of coffee, still in my pajamas at 11 am. I watched an episode of West Wing this morning (the local NBC station is showing two episodes every day at 8 and 9 in the morning). They have added the whiny voiced actress from CSI Miami to the cast. A nod to Ann Coulter? The Republican Pit Bull. With lipstick.

The real estate agent's secretary just called to notify me of another showing this afternoon. That makes two this week. Perhaps prayer is working. I need to be more positive in my thoughts going out in the Universe. I asked for someone nice to buy the house. Perhaps I need to be less specific.

I'm going to make cheesecake brownies today. For G to eat over the next few days. They are having the annual Clam Festival in the town where his McD's is located. If it rains he will be very busy. Overwhelmed. If the sun shines, no worries. I think cheesecake brownies will help don't you?

I have been reading blogs about Facebook and Twitter. And seeing the television shows falling all over themselves to add both to the NEWS. What crap. I don't see the evening news as an interactive concept. It's hard enough paying attention to what is being reported with that little stream of words running at the bottom of the screen. And the alerts. Now I get to read text messages from people driving their cars on highways. Enough.

Every person I see now days is talking on a device held to their ear. Talking about nothing. And the ones with ear pieces-- well, they look like psych cases talking to themselves. When I traveled to Ohio and was in airports, well, let me tell you, I thought I had traveled to a huge mental ward. Everyone talking to no one. "What are you doing?" "Oh, I'm at the airport" "Just walking to the gate." They even talk on the phones in the bathrooms. What is so important that it must be discussed while peeing? Perhaps the stalls that are quiet have people texting to Twitter. While they pee. These are women. Men, I think, need one hand to pee? But I guess you can text with one hand?

I do not have a cell phone. I do not text. I do not Twitter. I don't care to contact people I knew in the past 60 years on Facebook. I don't see Facebook and Twitter as "public relation tools" for artists trying to sell and publicize their work. I am probably wrong. I will never know though. My blog isn't open to either. Neither is my bathroom.

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Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I lurk on your blog, but just had to comment this time. I have a cell phone, but don't use it in the bathroom. Mine isn't open either. lol.