Friday, May 29, 2009

Still Raining. Still Cold.

I've had enough. I had on a down jacket and a fleece pullover today plus a vinyl raincoat with hood. It's May 29th. Where's the sun?

I purchased more plants today for the window boxes on the shed. I wasn't going to. But looking out across the lawn and seeing the flowers on the side of the shed makes me happy. So what if "happy" costs $25. Worth it. I also stopped in at Loew's after work to see what their price point was for plant materials. Whoa. No wonder we aren't busy. I purchased two metal, cocoa lined hanging baskets for less than $7 each (ours are $13) and four little pink zinnias for $3 each. Same size where I work is $5.49. I'll be repotting the geranium I bought at work from it's plastic pot into the metal and cocoa lined basket and potting the three new geraniums into the other new basket.

G drove to the Lewiston Transfer Station and got a truck load of compost for me. And shoveled it out of the truck. And he fixed the guest room toilet. In exchange for all this goodness, I made him Tomato Basil Soup with little drop soup dumplings. I made black Bean Bisque for myself from the list of ingredients I got last week from the chef at 111 Maine Street. Pretty darn good. I trimmed some cilantro from the plants at work for my soup. I have difficulty with cilantro. Smelling and touching it makes it hard for me to breathe. But I wanted the soup to taste exactly like it does at 111. So I took the chance of an asthma attack or whatever it is that happens. And it was okay.

Wicked Joe's didn't have our coffee roasted when G went to get it. Tomorrow. So G got enough supermarket coffee for a pot tomorrow morning. I just have to have coffee in the morning. Tea just isn't good enough anymore.

I used my tiny French press pot to brew two cups at work with the leftover open house decaf I stuck in the freezer. It was almost 1:30 before I remembered the coffee in the lunchroom freezer. Real snappy brain function, huh?

Today was not a good day. I had mucky jobs to do (pick squishy leaves off wet, squishy pansies), load water plants into the water plant tanks (in the rain) while trying not to injure my back. I did enjoy (?) staking and tying the big dahlias with fishing line so they weren't flopping all over the walk way. Oh, No! I promised a customer some of my red dahlia tubers and they are in the basement under the house and G is in the shower. RATS! He's not going to want to crawl around in the basement when he just got all cleaned up.

There was more stuff I had to say tonight, but I had to censor things.


Deborah Boschert said...

Yowza. A night time post. You really did have stuff to get off your chest. I'm sorry it was a yucky day.

Hey, my word verification is "fries." I hope the sun comes out tomorrow and FRIES up all the gloom.

Jeannie said...

I'll trade you some rain for some 97 degree weather! Gardening has come to a sudden halt due to the heat. I hope you have a better weekend. Love the inspiration photo.