Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures Of Our Lunch

This was my choice. Half a house salad with a grilled three cheese foccachia (excuse the spelling) with a cup of black bean bisque to start. I had no breakfast and popcorn (no butter) for dinner so the healthy eating plan continues.

This is G's Flank Steak Philly with the star attraction --- the Crispy Fried Potatoes which I didn't order. And he didn't share!

My find at TJ Maxx. Paper coiled bowls. Two sizes. Large will hold my 5#'s of red grapefruit for $2.99. (this week's special) I love these paper bowls because they are recycled paper. The text on the rolled paper suggests an Asian source.

My baked black bean soup turned out fantastic and will be served as my lunch today. The popcorn (fresh jar) popped very nice this time and G and I enjoyed our treat in front of the television. We watched NCIS, Bones & CSI and at 9:45 Riley started begging us for "bedtime". He couldn't wait till 10 pm, and it didn't matter that he had been sound asleep since 7. He likes everyone to go to bed and then he can sleep without wondering if we are going to get up and walk around, make popcorn etc.

We drove past the library yesterday so, of course, there are books waiting for us to pick up today. Books for G. My books have been renewed so I can let them sit unread for another 2 or 3 weeks.

I got a property tax bill for the house in Ohio I inherited from my dad. And an insurance bill for the car I inherited that is sitting in the garage of the house I inherited in Ohio. I'm hoping that the mail brings 1099's for my dad's bank accounts in the next few days so I can contact his accountant and send everything to her to file his taxes for 2008. My dad's lawyer is being very helpful in sending papers, filing things and answering my questions. I just feel so overwhelmed.

I am walking down to G's office after I post this to enlarge the chair I have for my Twelve by Twelve piece due February 1st. And then walking into my studio to set up my painting station. Then walking the dog. Then painting fabric. G just left for work. I think I might add some nails to the wall in my bedroom and hang some more of my fabric work up, if I can find some small nails. That's my day.

The waitress yesterday (when she saw me taking pictures of our lunch) asked if I wrote a "food blog" and really, I had to stop and think about that, since I do write about food a great deal and really enjoy cooking. I was going to write about the two chicken dishes I will be making this evening, but maybe not.


Terry Grant said...

I saw those coiled paper bowls at Tuesday Morning last week. So clever and good looking. I was tempted, but am on a buying moratorium. I finished my chair piece and am now just waiting to reveal. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing. I liked the chair assignment.

Deborah Boschert said...

There is a new Tuesday Morning opening just down the street from me. I must look for those bowls. I adore them.

I think your blog is a "life" blog. Food is part of life. I love it.