Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thoughts On Blogging

I use my blog as part journal and part entertainment. When I began blogging, lo so many years ago (it seems), I wrote to entertain and interest anyone who happened to read. I wanted to be popular. I worked hard (even though it may not have looked that way) to be amusing, charming and slightly provocative (that's the way to get comments). I wrote and rewrote my entries.

Now, I write and do a bit of spelling and content cleanup and then post. You are getting stream of thought not constructed blogging. And sometimes I write about something -- like worrying about stuff -- that gets readers thinking I need a mild anti depressant. I HAVE suffered through periods of depression. Trust me. I am not depressed now. I was not depressed about "worrying". I'm just a person who worries and I wish I wasn't. Now that I have all my worries written down, I can forget them for awhile.

Right now, life is very good. I don't want to write in every post about how happy I am but I will today. I love my new job. The weather in Maine is glorious. Sunny and 72 today. The back 3 acres are greening up, the daffs are all yellow and bobbing in the breeze. I have been driving the roadster with the top down. My bowels are regular. My oatmeal this morning was great. My son is flying in from California to visit for a week. My daughter has discovered a talent for photography. I got a great night's sleep and will be taking a lovely shower in a few moments. My weight, without dieting, has not fluctuated in 4 months. I weight the same as I did on the 365th day of my Healthy Eating Plan. That alone is worth complete happiness.

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MariMo said...

Worries - I remember the little glass with "worry wots" G had standing on his desk in the Frankfurt/Germany office.
It helped, didn't it.