Friday, July 06, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed

This is a teaser. I'm not saying what I'm going to try again until it happens. Then I will "spill the beans" as they say. I'm nervous. But not as much as the first time. Fingers crossed.

Shopping at Marden's yesterday and I bought 12 fake lemons. I'm thinking of making an "If Life Gives You Lemons" quilt like the ones my favorite quilt diva makes. Pamela Allen. Who is teaching at Maine Quilts this summer and I didn't know and therefore will not be in class. So sad. If anyone in Maine is reading this and there is a last minute cancellation--email me!

I fell off the "not too much bread" wagon today at the supermarket. Along with fruit, fat free "Simply Smart" milk and half/half, and deli stuff for G's lunches--I bought a loaf of When Pigs Fly cinnamon raisin bread. 240 calories for 96grams (2 smallish slices). And SO worth it. Chewy, sweet and so divine. I adore bread. And I DID walk three miles today before it started raining. I'm putting the bread in the freezer. It's safer there.

I'm watching Big Brother, Top Chef, Closer, and Ninja Warrior this summer.

I'm reading Nigella Lawson's What to Eat. Very good. The "healthy eating plan" (no kidding) section (small) is like deja vu for me. She says exactly what I say. She has the same (exact) gameplan for success as I have. And I thought I made all this up. We even have the same breakfast each day. I plan to have her same everyday lunch from now on - a baked potato and some steamed veggies. Nigella puts cheese on her potato but I like sour cream and chives. Can even nuke it in the micro at work. And Nigella NEEDS to have real sugar in her diet food just like me. It makes US feel full. Perhaps I'm really a "goddess" like Nigella????

And along with my half cup of fresh pineapple each morning before walking, I will be adding iced coffee with real sugar and Simply Smart fat free half and half to the daily Summer menu. With lots of ice. That Simply Smart stuff is amazing. Try it.

The parking lot at my supermarket just got striped and patched and the combo of clean white stripes and black patches in squiggly, running, curving patterns was very interesting against the normal greyish asphalt. I plan to go back with my camera and hope it wasn't all a "pre-rain" strange lighting thing which has now gone by.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my daughter. I plan to try on clothes to see what fits. I don't think I will buy anything. Trying things on gets me SO depressed.

Today I have on a sleeveless tee which shows off my flappy upper arms and shorts (too big) and my old belt which I have in the fourth hole away from the one I used to use (before I needed to buy the bigger size belt). I think the shorts also have odd tucks in the waistband. So chic.

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Joanne... I *think* I have a taker for my space in the 6 little quilts class on Friday, July 27, but if not I'll let you know. I've been trying to reach Hannah without success so will call her tomorrow. If she doesn't want the class, I'll contact you next...

It was $65 for the all-day Friday class, registration, admission, etc. I have all the paperwork and will send it to whomever wants to impersonate me on that day...

Stay tuned! Cheers, Sarah Smith in Camden