Friday, August 18, 2006

The Really Long Date

I thought this double expresso and the ride home from New Hampshire to Maine was going to be the end of the "really long date" but I was completely wrong. My husband then took me "shopping" at the Kittery outlets. This guy knows how to make a date memorable.

The World Quilt and Textile Show was disappointing. Last year it was fantastic. This year there were some very interesting pieces and nice, new vendors but--well, maybe it was me. I remember last year, standing and studying pieces--learning. Didn't happen this time. I did have some lovely chats with two or three vendors though and got a lovely early birthday gift ( I bought it) from Betsy of Quiltessentials. A handmade tote--but really it's a basket.

Maybe there were too many traditional quilts. I always look forward to seeing the wild and wacky world of the art quilt at these World Quilt shows. The only photo I have to show--because I can't give you the maker's names on the others--is by my favorite quilter, Pamela Allen from Canada.

This is a detail. The quilt is about having "hot flashes" and the quilting depicts little fire engines racing to the fire, which is the lady in the piece. The fire dog is lovely.

Now, as I stood and enjoyed this quilt, three women walked up behind me and expressed their distaste for this quilt. If you don't like it, dears, move on--move away-- let me enjoy it without your running commentary. I think they were trying to let me know that my opinion was somehow "wrong". I was tempted to follow them to the next traditional quilt they all admired and poo poo it. But I appreciate all the time and work that goes into traditional quilting. And I apologize for the blurry picture. There was a large spotlight just above and to the right of this quilt and it did terrible things to my digital camera. This was the best G and I could do.

As to the shopping, I got little glass bowls with lids at Crate & Barrel along with 8 yards of Marimekko fabric (regular price $32 a yard) for $4 a yard ( generous yards!). And I went to the Old Navy outlet--I really do not like Old Navy. It's such a sloppy, warehouse place and I don't like the merchandise. Why did I go???? Well, a patron at the library had on a wonderful white V-neck tee (and everyone who know me, knows there are two things I love. White linen shirts and white v-neck tees) and I asked where she got it. Old Navy. Ick. But I went, I tried on, I purchased. White V- neck perfection. I also thought the 6 foot 3- 350 pound black bouncer dude over by the dressing rooms was a thoughtful choice. Mainers will understand.

I did not have Deborah's recommended Chocolate Sogno at Carrabbas. I just could not eat a warm fudge brownie topped with chocolate mousse and fudge sauce. I just could not. Next time, I'll skip the dinner and go right to the dessert. The mussels were divine.


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

I Love Merimekko fabric and what a bargain you got Did you get different designs or just one. I grew up in Cambridge and remember the Design Reasearch building in Brattle Square where I fell in love with Marimekko. Sorry I can't remember the spelling.
Hmm mussels and chocloate could be dangerous!

Shelina said...

I like that hot flashes quilt. I also like your trashformation quilts. Neat name for them too, although the finished products don't look anything like trash to me.
I'm sure the ones you don't like are lovely too, but hard to say without seeing them.