Monday, November 14, 2005

If It can go Wrong--It Will

What a lovely horoscope for the next few weeks. Mercury in retrograde yet again. Why don't they get that fixed? Right now I am sitting next to the in the wall refrigerator which is now in the walkway. Leaking from the ice maker yet again. The floor behind the fridge is being dehumidified as we speak. Wood soaks up a lot of water.

I am also sick--maybe, possibly, probably. It could be a cold or it could be irritated lungs from smoke. We finally got a burn permit and burned the huge pile of branches, wood and rotten logs. First we made lots of noise to get all the critters out. Then we tried to set it on fire several times before being successful. It burned very nicely and then smoldered all night and we added to the pile on Sunday for an additional "burn". Then on to the leaves.

I shredded a huge pile of maple leaves from my daughter's house and composted them in the veg garden beds. Maple leaves are terrific for compost. Over the winter they decompose and turn into lovely brown dirt. Then we raked up the oak leaves from our yard. I haven't shredded them yet. Oak leaves are tough as leather and full of tannin. They take years to decompose. I burned out the motor on my last shredder on oak leaves. And the pine needles never seem to decompose. Plus they are slippery to walk on--can easily fall on one's ass out on the lawn. Always when cars are passing by.

It's mid November and balmy as any spring day outside and I have daffodil bulbs to plant and tulips. My last chance and I better grab it. Can I get away with gardening in my pajamas?

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