Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wonders

I finally got to see some Curling. The American Women versus the Japanese Women. I was on the side of the Japanese and they won. There is something about the US Team that was so obnoxious. My usual favorite team is the Swedish Women's Team. The 6 to 10 inches of snow we were getting, never arrived. While walking Riley yesterday a few (6) flakes fluttered down in front of me and later we got a "powdered sugar" dusting. Our lack of snow continues. And our weather man continues to be wrong 85% of the time. He was all Storm Center yesterday to create "ratings". The sun is even peaking out this morning.

G had to go in very early this morning. His morning manager tried (but failed) to commit suicide last week and G is having a hard time dealing with this. G really likes this young man who is now being medicated and having counseling but will be way from work for a long time.
G has a very small group of employees and now one important one is missing. The morning, set up, manager. G is doing the job today and had to leave for work at 4.30 this morning. G also has two employees playing "he said, she said". A bit of "riding the crazy train" as we like to call it at the greenhouse. Too few employees and not enough work equals bad interpersonal behaviour on the part of a one or two making the rest crazy. That's why they love having one of the furloughed employees visit or even work once in awhile. Fresh stories. Less crazy train.

So G is riding the "crazy train" at work and I am back to my winter routine. I got 9 shirts ironed yesterday and have 8 more for today. Made breaded pork chops and mashed potatoes yesterday with a side of pan fried sauerkraut. Walked the dog. Read my book. Watched Curling. Today, since there is no snow, I will be driving into town and the library to return books and pick up new ones. Friday, N and I are going out for breakfast and a long chat. N is taking a course in personal protection which involves firing a gun. Wowza!

I never even though about learning how to fire a gun. I was (am) a policeman's daughter and grew up with guns. We even had to hold and pull the trigger on my dad's service revolver (not loaded) when we were youngsters. He didn't want us playing with it so took the mystery out of it and made it "work". I remember that gun being damned heavy as we tried to maintain a level "shot". A big Colt. But we knew how to take the safety off and aim and potentially fire at an intruder. My dad said to never get the gun out unless we intended to shoot. And to hit what we were shooting at. Lucky for me, I never had to see if I had the "grit" to actually do this.

Well, I didn't think the post was going in this direction this morning!

Riley is outside barking and chasing down something he saw out the windows. He's had birds fluttering near the foundation of the house, right under his nose, and this is making him very eager to go out and "get it". And the baby squirrels are venturing out of the wood piles. And, of course, the mice are not as well covered by snow right now. Plenty to keep a dog occupied.

I am contemplating having BREAD for breakfast today. BREAD is my temptation and pleasure. The more I eat, the more I want. Why is it SO BAD? It's just whole grain flour and water with a bit of yeast and honey. Really, what makes it SO BAD? So Good. So Tempting. So Chewy. I think this is what I am actually craving. Chewing. Here I go.


Annie said...

Aaaah, bread, the ultimate comfort food. It's not called the "staff of life" for nothing. It's the first food spoken of in the bible. One of the first foods we start with as a small child, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and go from there.

I love bread of all kinds!

: )

p.s., my sympathies to G and his anxieties and problems with the work mates.

kathy said...

catching up on all your posts. Sounds like you're back to work at the greenhouse? Not too long on unemployment then, if you decided to go that route this year. Love the little hidden chicken in your stitch work. My sympathies to your husband on the job woes. Doesn't sound like much fun dealing with his problems.