Friday, February 26, 2010

A Blustery Night

I'm having a wonderful bowl of 80 calorie nonfat Vanilla yogurt with 1T of Grape Nuts and about a dozen frozen raspberries. This sat overnight in the fridge so the Grape Nuts got all soggy. I would normally have the the low fat vanilla (about 8 ounces) for 200 calories. This is much better. And, like Heidi Klum in the commercial, I clean the carton out with my fingers.

Last night. Wow. The rain and wind were pounding on the house. Roaring. Thumping. Smacking into the windows. I had trouble falling asleep and listened to the storm until I heard the tiny beep that signaled the loss of electricity. Then I fell asleep. I expected to see a war zone out in the yard this morning. Tree branches, etc. Instead, I woke up to Spring. And very few branches.

The vernal pond next to the house (right side ditch) is full. The snow is completely gone. And the daffodils are showing. Squirrels are running up and down the tree trunks. The sun is shining. And it's 39 degrees. In the morning. Riley is sitting in the middle of the yard choosing a squirrel.

So, Spring. And they say there's no Global Warming!!! It's February. The grass is bare, the breezes are sweet and the sun is shining. Amazing. Last year we had HEAT and SUN in April. And then we had COLD and RAIN for the entire month of June. Mother Nature. Probably menopausal.

The Swedish Men. They lost their Curling focus, first. Then, their confidence. Then, the game. I gave them pointers from the edge of my seat, but they didn't listen. I am desolate. Survivor was just okay. Russell buried the machete. Now his team has no way to chop things or open coconuts. The first place I would look, if my machete was missing, is right smack at Russell. He plans to steal or burn Rob's Red Sox cap next. K and I are disappointed in the challenges. They always had a reward and then an immunity challenge. Now, it's one combined challenge and too much chatting. We watch for the challenges. Don't like the chatting because it's meaningless as it's all edited by the film crew. Waste of time.

Today I will be working to clean the house and make the food and walk the dog. And that's a LOT since the house itself is one big pile of stuff "that needs to be put away". Coats. Shoes. Empty jars. Recycling. Art Supplies. Beads. Books. Dog Toys. More Dog Toys.

No Bunny House work as G never got around to wanting to cut the house parts until 6.30 pm. G falls asleep at around 7.30 so beginning a project with a table saw one hour before he loses consciousness is not my idea of a "good thing". He wasted most of the daylight hours doing all sorts of nothing. Not my problem. The house is being built for display in his store. If it doesn't get done? I'll just make it next year. No worries on my part. I don't care. I have enough stuff to do of my own. If I sound "testy", well, I am.

So, now I'm going to start in on the recycling and the collection of empty jelly jars. Then the coats and shoes. Then the table. I'm working all day tomorrow so I won't see you till Saturday evening. Be good.


dee said...

Survivor is just as you say. Russell will go soon I think. They're on to him and he's a threat + annoying.

My son says the seasons have migrated forward. Cold springs into June, very warm autumn into even Dec. and so on. Geez, I hope he's wrong.
We have 15 inches and counting-I really hate being housebound-I made James take my 4-wheel drive this morning instead of his sports car. Good Mommy.
Hope work goes well.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

What? How can it be spring in Maine and I woke to new snow once again in Kentucky? Happy for you, though.