Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lost in LA/ Dumpling of the Month

I will attempt to post a picture of something red everyday this month. I'm running late this morning. I have to be at the dentist at 1.30 and have to move the dog walking up and that changes the way my day usually runs. A creature of habit. I could have found more red pencils and pens if I had time. And now that I am looking around, I see lots more red stuff. So this will be fun. Now, to get clear photos. This one could be better.

I had a load of fun last night. TiVoing programs on two stations and running out to the kitchen to watch a third. Lost is back! And now the cast is living (?) in two different time periods. The plane didn't crash. Charlie was in the bathroom on the plane. Desmond was on the plane for a few minutes and then disappeared. And then they landed in LA. And back on the island, Juliet is dead (because she is on "V"), Sawyer hates Jack again, Sayid was dead but then was alive in the last minute. Locke is dead but now the black wind is living in a cloned Locke body. Wowza!

I made pork filled potstickers for dinner last night. I chopped the lean pork in the food processor and added soy sauce, mushrooms,green onion, garlic , ginger, cornstarch, sesame oil. Made dough from three cups flour, salt and one cup boiling water. It took longer than I expected to get all the little dumplings filled. I was glad I started at 2 in the afternoon. When G got home, all I had to do was heat up the frying pan and pull the ready to fry and steam dumplings out of the fridge. I made the dipping sauce also. From my son's recipe. G choked on his first bite. That vinegar has a kick. They were simply delicious.

No time for reading. Riley and I had a very pleasant walk. It was 23 degrees and felt like a heat wave after the minus 3 degree walks. I wore my light wool hat and light gloves. No ice on the streets.

After the dentist, I am stopping at the library to pick up books, at the grocery to buy chicken, Uncle Ben's Wild Rice Mix, canned mushroom soup and broccoli for dinner. Saturday Chicken. Chicken breasts covered in a mixture of mushroom soup and 1 cup cream, baked for one hour. Makes a lovely sauce. I may add some sliced fresh mushrooms to the chicken before I add the sauce. I'll have a salad. Don't like chicken. G loves chicken.

No art content and plenty of food and recipes. Oh, and television commentary. LOL

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Deborah Boschert said...

The red pens and pencils count as art. I am loving this idea of red photographs all month.

I also love food and tv. You have good taste and excellent commentary.