Thursday, February 04, 2010

Geezer Power

Not this. This is my Pottery Barn Kids Calculator. The pencil gives you an idea of how large this is, big buttons. And it's "solar". Just means it has to be in sunlight or strong lamp light in order to work without a battery. I've had this gorgeous thing for about 10 years? I balance my checkbook with it and do my taxes. I love it.

Now, Geezer Power. This is the title of a New York Times Opinion piece. Good Stuff. Seems that the large proportion of us "geezers" are the recipients of the largest portion of the Federal budget. Mandated entitlement. Medicare. Social Security. And since we are, we should "rise up" and mandate some change in the way things are done in America. We have the numbers. We are the largest population demographic. We vote. We need to lead. Stand up! Geezer Power to the People!!!

Yesterday was a blur. So many things to do and places to go. I even wound up my watch and wore it. I needed to tell time. I never need to tell time. Walked the dog. Power walk since we finished 20 minutes faster than usual. Bank. Chatted with bank manager and admired her hair cut. Library. Resale Shop where I bought really nice handcrafted wool mittens made from recycled Goodwill wool sweaters. I also "bought" (I used my store credit) pale green corduroy pants ($3) and a magenta wool sweater jacket which is now felting in the washing machine ($3). Watched a phone video of the store owners baby taking a fun filled bath. Dentist. Had my teeth cleaned. Asked dentist to install small tvs in the ceiling so I could watch CNN while having my teeth cleaned. The hygienist suggested massaging chairs. Grocery shopping. It's always $40 to $60 even though I basically don't buy anything substantial. Walk the dog. He was good about being home alone so I walked him again (30 minutes). Made dinner. Ate dinner. Read the paper. No book reading. Bed time.

Today N and I are spending the morning together and I'll be back in time for Riley's lunch and afternoon walk. Then I hope I have time to read the rest of my book. I have three more waiting to be read. I hope to stop at the Beading Path and get some Flex cord.

I'm going to have three eggs and one pancake for breakfast at the Freeport Cafe.

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