Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I went looking for red in the drawers of the studio again. I found a number of things I had forgotten in those drawers. Sewing machine needles, thread and filled bobbins and blank sheets ready to cut into stamps. All waiting quietly in the drawers. These 1940's handkerchiefs were there also. I bought them on those same flea market/ antique show Sundays. Only the ones with red in the design. And I use them. Folded sweetly in my purse, ready for a sneeze or runny nose. This little pile had been forgotten. I remember going to elementary school and having to show a freshly ironed hankie each morning, before or after the pledge of allegiance to the flag. And to show clean hands and fingernails. 1951 or 52. Teaching us to be responsible.

Riley and I had a good day yesterday. I got to read an entire book and he napped quietly on his bed. G had dropped one of his pills on the floor in the morning, but didn't realize it was missing until 10 am when he was having his breakfast at work. Riley had found it, of course. I called the vet and he said it was the dose he would prescribe for a dog Riley's size, so it should be okay. There might be vomiting, spacey-ness and sleep. Riley chose sleep. G will be more careful in future.

The weather man has forecast rain/snow mix for the Midcoast for the next three days. It's overcast and gray outside but still unseasonably warm for February in Maine. The weather maps show snow in the western parts of Maine where the skiing takes place and rain here on the coast where Riley walking takes place. Riley doesn't like rain. I have a full rain gear suit I can wear so rain doesn't bother me. We'll see who wins.

The US Men's Curling Team lost again. They now have two wins and 6 losses. One more round robin game to play and we will not be seeing them again (I hope). The US Women's Team is shuffling players (as the Men's team did) to see if they can do better. In my humble opinion, the team's coach shouldn't select his daughter to be skip (captain). The remainder of the Curling will be winning teams playing each other for gold. And everyone in America can see the Canadian team curl. They are awesome. Our team is NOT.

China came into this Olympics as the World Championship Team. They are 1 and 8 in Vancouver. Edit: China-Men's is doing just fine and I think they are 8-1. Sorry!

I have two Wallander books to read before winter ends. It worked out nicely. The Fifth Woman was very good. I am reading them out of order due to availability from other libraries. I knew Ann-Britt was shot from a book I had already read, so I was waiting for it to happen in this book I just finished. But it's the procedure and not so much the suspense.

Winter is winding down. There could be more snow and storms but they won't stay around long. March is always wet & muddy with melting piles of snow (I remember it well when we had a 2 month old puppy in March). We have had feet of snowfall in early April so we must wait and see. But the "dark times" are past. I always feel so much better when the days are no longer so short. When there is light in the house (not produced by lamps).

Today I have bills to pay, checkbook to balance, books to return to the library and groceries to buy. I will be having guests for dinner on Friday. And I will be making homemade Lasagna. Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and I am treating myself to lunch at one of the Indian restaurants in town. Just me. Instead of never getting to eat Indian food, I have decided to eat alone on the day I have my hair cut. So that's what I am doing tomorrow. While it rains.

I have been running into fellow quilters at the grocery lately. They ask me what I am working on. Sadly, I must tell them "nothing". I do have two 12 by 12 things to show here on March first. The belated "pink" and the new "blue, white with touch of black". I worked ahead for once. I still need to bind the edges of these two. In fact, I have edges to bind on a few pieces. That could be something to do while watching live Curling. I do have a television in the studio. Now that I am using felt instead of batting in these smaller pieces, it is much nicer to stitch and work on them. Much. Another reason to be grateful for Deborah.

If you have been participating in the dialogue about real or fake blogging personalities, you might get as much of a giggle from a comment I received from a co worker who knows me from work and the blog. She feels I am more authentic on the blog. LOL. Don't you just wonder, as I do, what I am like at work?

That's it for today. This is post number 726. I think I just might make my goal of 1000 posts by the end of the year. You will all be SO tired of my "authentic" self by then!!!!


Deborah Boschert said...

Hooray for felt! I'm glad your thankful for my ideas. My kids, on the other hand, have been dumping on me today. How's that for authentic?

Quilterin said...

I can not believe I will be tired, as I enjoy your honest and straight forward posts very much.

Marianne Mohib said...

More more more please - I enjoy your posts so much - love your blog goal for 2010. Keep'em coming!!

dee said...

What she said...

Diane N said...

I don't think I will get tired of your blog even by the 1000th post. It's straight to the punch and doesn't seem to have a lot of the BS so many have. I think it's pretty refreshing although if it turns out you don't really like Wallander or have a dog named Riley, I am going to be ticked. LOL!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Love your blog and never get tired of it.