Monday, February 01, 2010

February First

Here's my baby dog! Riley. He was still long enough to get this picture. But he wasn't thrilled.
See how nice and shiny and black he is? He's my baby dog because he won't be 3 until April.

Last night I wrote about the Schwarzbein book. Well, I had no hungry growls all evening, slept well and wasn't hungry when I woke up. So I am going to give it more of a chance. This morning's oatmeal is being served with a pat of butter and no sugar. The mouth feel is greasy and fatty but it isn't all that bad. Perhaps less butter next time. And no milk.

I'll have to re-shop for some groceries. Cream for my coffee (no half and half which contains sugar). Eggs. I may have to let the bananas get old so I can make G some banana bread. Bananas have a higher sugar content than other fruits. And I will buy rotisserie chicken breast to include with salads. We'll see. I DO KNOW that when I have eggs at a breakfast restaurant, I feel full for more hours than if I eat cereal.

The sun is shining on my computer screen again this morning. G says it's because we're getting closer to Spring. Nice thought. G just got up and is making his breakfast. I'm going to go get washed and dressed. Fill the recycling container with old college test booklets (my son's) and water my plants upstairs. I forgot them yesterday. Emma on PBS was delightful. I wish,now, that I had recorded it.

My bowl today has butter in it.


gema said...

Interesting that you feel full on eggs! I am the opposite. Two eggs on a slice of whole grain bread and 3hrs later I am starving. Recently I've been having 50-100 grams (100g is quite a bit to eat when you are rushing out the door) of oatmeal (whole grain) a handfull of dried cranberries or raisins, goats milk (best tolerated, don't ask) and I can happily go for 6hrs without a squirm.

dee said...

That pup is one beautiful dog. I'm so glad you got him. In your writing you've given him so much personality and it's fun to read about him.
Mom used to make me oatmeal with butter and cream. Little wonder that I lost 55 lbs. after leaving home-without much effort. Ahh, to have an 18-year-old body again.

Hi Gema.

gema said...

This morning (6.30am)I weighed my oatmeal carefully....80g/3ounces say my Cuisine scale, cranberries 1 ounce, I did put more cranberries than I'd normally eat to make it 1 ounce, 1 cup of milk. I was a happy camper until 11.30am when I had 300grams of plain whole milk yoghurt. I think I'll count my calories today.

gema said...

Forgot to add, I want hair like Riley's! Beautiful sheen!!!