Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Memories

This piece of fabric and the notebook the fabric is covering contain so many wonderful memories. I was sitting next to Deborah (Deborah's Journal in the sidebar) at a quilt lecture five plus years ago. Deborah was encouraging me to start my own blog. She wrote the blogspot "address" on a sheet of paper from a covered notepad just like the one covered in this fabric. I went home and made my own covered notebook (with her directions) and started this blog. And here we are this morning. Still friends. Still blogging. Still using this wonderful notepad. Thank You, Deborah!

Riley is barking outside. I managed to see what was causing all the excitement. Either a raccoon or a porcupine. Moving slowly, just on the edge of the electric fence which contains Riley. The raccoon could be sick and the porcupine is just all round bad news. So Riley is back in the house. And now G is awake.

G is having a terrible "week after vacation". The morning manager on sick leave, a second manager fired and G having to go in at 4.30 am to unload the supply truck and then getting called in at 4.30 again because the safe wouldn't open. All the rest from the vacation has evaporated. At least the Curling puts him right to sleep in the evenings. :-)

I now have four books piled up on my book reading bench. And Curling. Too many things. Not enough time. And this morning the clivia fell off the table and scattered potting soil all over the floor and carpet. Ugh. Yesterday, I repotted my Jade plant and rooted cuttings of stems into another pot. Everything is going upstairs this morning and I will be watering. I think one of the cymbidium orchids is in flower so it will be coming downstairs. Plants and dirt everywhere.

The house is tidy. I have only one load of laundry to do and some shirts to iron. That won't take very long. Pizza for dinner. An easy day. Time for reading. I can read a whole book in one day if I have the time. I think I will attempt Grafton's "U" today. I only have about 50 pages of my Wallander left to read. Then I will read "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest".

Dee has sent me some lovely beads and some very interesting papers for collage. Thank You, Dee. And I have the Easter Bunny House to work on a bit. So many things to do.


dee said...

glad you got the package.
Just finished "U". Pretty good but I so loved "T" the best in a long time that it's the standard for me lately.
Hope your day is a good one.

Helen Conway said...

Well I for one amy very grateful to Deborah!

Deborah Boschert said...

Oh goodness... such lovely comments! I am grateful to you too Joanne. And you too Helen.