Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye To The Laptop

The only thing remaining to do on the laptop is downloading pictures. Everything else is now being done on the BigMac. There may be a few days without pictures, but as soon as I figure out how to transfer pictures from here to there, we'll be in business. I watched the iPhoto tutorials and it is a massive improvement. For people who have family photos, go on trips, and just have large collections of photos. I take pictures for the blog and then delete them. I might, possibly have 100 or 200 saved pictures I could transfer and name and sort. Today, or this evening, I will look thru the files and delete what I have no interest in keeping. And then we (G) will transfer the photos with a zip stick or photo card.

I have been answering email, reading blogs and surfing the internet on the BigMac. And now that we have toned down the contrast with the handy button, and as soon as G removes the wallpaper art he installed, the screen will be lots simpler and calm. The way I like it.

We didn't do anything even remotely vacation-like yesterday. G walked the dog and I took a shower and wrote my blog post, watched tutorials, added websites to my bookmark menu, asked my computer engineer son questions (which he answered) and even started to watch a television program on the computer. Something I couldn't do on the laptop. G was reading and then fell asleep. We didn't even eat out. We had warmed up leftover pizza at 3 pm and later had butterscotch custard ice cream out of the freezer. G had his with a handful of chocolate chips.

I may have gotten to read about 25 pages of my Wallander.

Today I am having lunch with a friend and we are having eggplant. Such creatures of habit. I am skipping breakfast in order to eat out with J. So I will try and keep busy until it's time to drive into town. G has finished a book so I can drop it off at the library.

I never did start crying. After S emailed me to "get a grip", I had a little chat with myself and pulled up my socks, so to speak, and just dealt with it. Because I have no choice but to move on. Or be left behind. And I'm not ready to be left behind.

The weather looks like snow. We'll see. Riley is enjoying the long walks in the woods with G and being able to run around with other dogs. Yesterday he played "catch me if you can" with an 11 month old Lab. Riley was faster. But Riley ran out of steam by the end of the walk, which is why he and G were both asleep from about 4 to 6.30.

Anyway, this is the last time I will blog from the laptop. And you will understand, won't you, if I don't manage to get pictures on the blog? I'll still keep the laptop handy in case I need a website or email address, but only as a sort of electronic address book. I will miss it's small, intimate screen. But I will enjoy the larger, more colorful, faster, clearer, faster BigMac so much more. Did I mention how fast it is? Quite a rush moving from Medieval to Future in just a few days. Sort of like Time Traveling. Whoosh!!


Diane N said...

I'm glad the new computer is working out after all. I find change difficult myself and having to relearn all the technological things we need nowadays can be especially daunting. I'm happy that the new computer is making you happy.

And I LOVE that little red heart that headed your blog today. It makes me want to make one of my own!

Have a good lunch with your friend.

Annie said...

I love,love, love that heart embroidery!

I did a little block of the bird you posted the other day, she's hanging in my bathroom, and makes me smile as I get out of the shower each day.

: )