Sunday, February 07, 2010

Vacation Starts Today

This Lady in Red was purchased as a mark down several Christmases ago because she had only one leg. I loved the red tulle with white dots. She is usually pinned to my design wall in the studio but today, she is pinned to the wall in the dining room. Adding red cheerfulness to my granny beige walls.

I had one and a half grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced tomato and half a cup of baked beans for dinner. It was such a thrill to eat BREAD and CHEESE. And I stayed under 1200 calories because I had no lunch. I can't even express how happy I was eating dinner last night. Happy.

Today is the first day of our vacation. And it's Super Bowl Sunday. And Emma is on PBS. And the resale shop is having $5 a bag day with snacks. And Sam is coming over to have me do her hair. Best of ALL, G will be walking the dog today. Riley's very excited and wants to go now. It's too funny. He loves walking, off leash, with G in the woods. Wait till he discovers he will be able to do it everyday this week!

We'll be having pizza tonight in honor of Super Bowl Sunday. When G goes to the grocery for mushrooms for pizza topping, I think I will suggest he get some chicken wings from the wing bar. Super Bowl is all about the food. And some Frank's Hot Sauce.

I plan to read my book (Wallander's the Fifth Woman), take a shower, continue cleaning and reorganizing my studio and the bookcases here in the dining room/kitchen. Clearing off the dining room table. Again. Running the vacuum because the floors are covered with sand and grit from my walks with the dog. It's all up in the grooves of my shoes and falls out as I walk inside. I also plan to write in my pen and paper journal and make a paper collage.

Since we are on vacation, I will take "vacation pictures" to share with you. I'm really interested in what I will be able to photograph. LOL. Could be interesting. See you later!

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