Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gosh, What Day Is It?

I'm losing track of time. Each day is exactly like the ones before (and after) right now and I just had to figure out, on the calendar, what day it was. Breakfast, blogging, feeding dog, walking the dog, shower, read the mail, errands (if any), dinner making. The End.

G and I went into town last night to pick up the Toyota truck that was getting an anti-corrosion treatment. The stuff they sprayed on the under side was finally dry. Thursday morning till Friday evening. And they washed the truck. This was something Toyota was doing free of charge. They are getting beaten up right now, but they do stand behind their products. The frames of Toyota trucks are regularly checked for corrosion and owners of '00, '01,'02 Tacomas have gotten checks for 110% of their vehicle's value when Toyota bought them back due to corrosion of the frame. No questions.

And Jason, my Product Specialist at Orvis has finally found a Pomegranate and a Chocolate Kanga sweatshirt that match the measurement specifications of XL. And, as soon as the snow stops falling in Virginia, he will be sending them to me. Jason wasn't located in Idaho. Orvis is another company doing an excellent job of customer service. I wore my orange (Autumn Glow) Kanga on Thursday and received compliments on it's style and color. And the person giving the compliment, called in and ordered her own Kanga. I make a good sales rep.

G discharged the battery on my digital camera overnight. Perhaps it will take better pictures for awhile. No matter what I did, they came out just a little blurry. It could also be the lack of good sunlight in the house when I take the pictures. The picture at the top is of a metal hose hanger. Really. I got it for $5 because no one thought it would hold a garden hose and so it was left unpurchased for two years. It can barely hold itself up. I intend to detach the bird from the hose holder part and just use it as a "graphic element" in my home decor.

Speaking of which (house decor), I was visiting the dog on his dog bed the other day, and while he gazed out the window I had the opportunity to see my dining room from a different viewpoint. His. And, GAK, it looked old and frumpy. I hated everything. So Granny. So beige. And not the good beige. This was that pinkish beige that screams "old people live here". And, actually, this color and paint job was selected and paid for by the 74 year old woman who lived here for three years before us. I got an estimate for the room (quite large with 20 foot ceiling) and years ago it was $3800. It'll be much more now. And I would be replacing the windows with something more energy efficient and replacing the floor. I'd like radiant heat, also, even though it's terrible for dogs. Too warm. And I would add French doors to the entrance to the freezing cold foyer. I have an insulated curtain hanging there now. It blocks drafts. And we haven't even addressed the falling apart chimney which will cost nearly $10,000.

Boy, that visit to the dog's bed could end up being very expensive!

Our "vacation" begins tomorrow. I'm preparing for it by having absolutely nothing in the fridge to eat (besides breakfast items, but I want to eat breakfast out, also) or use to make anything besides peanut butter sandwiches. Tonight we are having grilled cheese sandwiches with baked beans and my homemade zucchini pickles. I had soup last night and G had a Subway sub. I had forgotten about the grilled cheese. I think I'll be making pizza on Super Bowl Sunday and ease into the vacation on Monday.

Riley is on alert out in the yard. People must be walking the trail that illegally crosses the back of our property. I've asked the person who put the trail in to move it off our land but he hasn't. And the people walking are entirely too close to my house, in my opinion. If you live on four acres, you don't want people walking where you can SEE them. Riley is barking. Dogs being walked off leash have wandered into the yard which is a real problem. Dogs are very protective of "their" yard.

My oatmeal is ready to eat and I will be having a second cup of coffee and writing in my pen and paper journal and perhaps making a paper collage. I have Ironing to do. And beads to string. And later, a dog to walk. Saturday. I like Saturday better when I have a morning class or breakfast with N. This is going to be a long day.

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Annie said...

Joanne, I absolutely adore that bird,.....hmmmm, that would easily make into a wall hanging by doing it in fabric. Mind if I use the idea?