Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Valentine Countdown/ Blog Police Alert

I am totally in love with Valentine's Day this year. The RED! So, it was with great anticipation that I went into the Beading Path yesterday to buy heart shaped beads to make, what I thought, would be an over the top bangled ( I know how to make them now) heart bracelet. No heart beads in red. Only in blue. Even Elvis would not make a "Blue, Blue Valentine Bracelet". Instead, it will be a red beads and more red beads. No hearts.

I am eating my oatmeal with one teaspoon of butter and sprinkles of cinnamon this morning. I am having my coffee with sugar and fake creamer. I'm not messing with the coffee. It tastes great this way and I enjoy it. G and I stopped at Big Top Deli for lunch (3 pm) and I asked if they were hiring. Another space filled on the Work Search Log. I had the 7 inch Eggplant Parm sub. And potato chips. And that was it for the day. 1090 calories total.

Someone has decided to become Chief of the Art Quilt Blog Police. And she has a list of offenses committed. I am guilty of all of them. Blathering on and on about my life. Recipes. Lists of things I eat. Lists of things I read. Lists of chores I plan to do. Walking the dog. And I don't promote myself. I don't have things to sell. I don't have work in shows or galleries. In other words, STOP reading and go somewhere else. I am a blog LOSER!!!!!

I always knew that. In fact, I began blogging because one of the people I sent long, chatty emails to, asked me to stop sending them as she really didn't care about my life. That was harsh. And it made me fearful of sending emails. My son and Deborah suggested a blog. An online diary of sorts which people could chose to read or not read. For nearly a year, I just sent out posts into the blog-o-sphere and had no idea if anyone was listening (reading). Eventually, I got Sitemeter which let me know someone was reading. I didn't know who because I never got comments. So all my bad habits began in this cyber vacuum I was posting into. Just me. And whatever I was thinking.

Still doing that. Only now I have comments and blog friends and I feel connected. I'm still writing to amuse myself. Occasionally, I amuse you. Still not promoting myself or selling stuff. I still make stuff and show it to you. But my work is my own and made with the sole purpose of amusing and entertaining ME! Get the handcuffs ready Chief of the Art Quilt Police!! and right after you arrest me, I think I'll write out a complaint against you. For sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

G informed me that he is on vacation next week. Talk about being an excellent communicator! I don't think we'll be going to Mexico and drinking tequila on the beach at 9 am. Or having umbrella'd cocktails poolside in the Florida Keys (where it's raining). We'll be right here in Maine. And since it's a vacation--we'll go out to eat every single night. Damn. Sounds good to me!


dee said...

I read about it on Terry's blog last week and it cracked me up that the next day or so Terry posted a recipe for enchiladas and the best sauce to buy for them. What I love is a sense of humor and humanity-that's why I come here. You(& Terry) have a delightful sense of humor & don't take yourselves so seriously. That Police woman is probably a very nice person & has much talent but I can't imagine sharing anything important with her. Not everything has to be about critique and art. I guess she makes her living with this craft/art(don't get me started)& so, in her eyes, it's damn serious business. Whatever. I've been fortunate in my life to be able to have fun with my craft/art/quilting and so my motto is "If I'm not having fun-it ain't happening here" Besides, I have gleaned so much from blogs like yours and Terry's.
Being a loner, I started blogging to connect with some people who are like minded. People have invited me into their actual homes to visit & trusted me with serious personal information. That's better than some friendships I've had outside cyberspace.
What's with the red heart shortage?

Diane N said...

Well, when the quilt blogger police invade Maine, or at least your blog space, my money is on you. That poor knot-it-all doesn't stand a chance. (Don't shoot til you see the whites of her eyes!)

I like your blog just the way it is, from your dog stories to your diet stories. I was going to write, "Don't change a thing" but I guess we both know that's unnecessary, right? Ha ha!

As for vacation, trust me when I tell you, there is NO COOKING EVER while on vacation. Tell your husband we all said so!

Diane N said...

Sorry, that was supposed to say know-it-all but I was laughing so hard I couldn't type.

Terry said...

Oh yes, we are rebels! Ha ha. It was sort of like someone coming into your house, looking into your diary and telling you you are not doing it right! Some folks really love their rules, don't they?

Hand Quilting Nana said...

I love your blog and read it everyday.

Life isn't just about art and quilting.

And people who are so anal retentive should get a life and let others lead theirs.

Carry on!!!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Love the idea of being on vacation, staying at home, and eating out every night.

Don't worry about those police. I love your blog, glad you're doing it every day. If you get arrested, I'll scoot over and make room in my cell.

Quilterin said...

If the "blog police" were right, I would read all my favourit blogs for all the wrong reasons! Well, even when I was little my parents just knew that I was a rule breaker :-)
I love to "share" the lives of so many people out there!

Annie said...

You know I love you ,Joanne, I wonder if it's against the rules for me to be reading your blog as I'm not an art quilter.

I do love the pic with the red beads. I can't get enough of anything red.

: )

Marianne Mohib said...

Vielleicht ist die Polizeifrau deutsch??

Helen Conway said...

That Blog Police woman is missing out on so much. I always read your blog and I LIKE to know what you had for breakfast! No idea why but I do: keep going!