Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

This small embroidered crazy pieced cloth is from many years ago. I was "into" crazy quilts and loved doing all the intricate stitches. I made these small pieces into sewing caddies. Notice the little chicken in the upper left?

This morning I had breakfast with my walking buddy N. We don't get to walk much so we go out for breakfast and catch up on all that has happened in our lives. N's life is a bit more interesting right now. Lots of drama. I discussed Curling and Survivor. Sad but true, these are the highlights of my life right now.

The US Men's and Women's Curling teams continue to lose every game. I watched Great Britain and Sweden last night (TiVoed at 3am) and even G was amazed at how excellent the strategy and accuracy was, something we haven't seen in the American play. The Swedish captain can place the stone in the exact spot it needs to be, time, after time. In one run, both team captains (Sweden and GBR) threw stones that had to pass through a number of tight places, and they managed to do it perfectly. Incredibly beautiful to watch. The Canadian teams continue winning but the American television audiences have not seen any of these games. Not even highlights.

I know that the only games I will get to see, will be the Americans. And it's sad. They seem out of their league in this company. And I think the American Men's captain (skip) is a jerk.

There are a few younger women competing and doing an amazing job. The Danish Skip is 20 and the GBR Skip, with two toned hair, is 19. Incredible skill and accuracy. And the Danish team wore really cute black wool skirts with black tights. Not your Granny's Curling. My favorite team is still the Swedish Team. All things Wallander. :-) You aren't surprised are you?

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I had a good breakfast and I have coffee being made. Riley and I will be having a good walk soon and then I will settle in to study for my class tomorrow and watch today's curling matches. I wrote a bunch more about Curling but deleted it all. You don't care.

I've been eating too much of all the wrong things. But still not as much as I would usually be eating. So things are still better than normal. Time to feed Riley and take him for his walk. I will set the TiVo to record the 12 to 3 match and be on my way.

N and I had four deer run out into the road in front of the car on our way back from Freeport and saw a deer carcass in the ditch on the way TO Freeport. Very odd.

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dee said...

Beautiful needlework & I'm loving your red theme. So cheerful.
Your package is on the way. Hope there's something you can use. I was sure I had more beads-probably turn up soon now that I've mailed the package.
Love the curling too. I'm finding the rest ho hum...
We have an explosion of deer on the island and someone said that since the weather is not getting cold but being interspersed with springy temps the animals are into an early mating season. It does make them crazy.
Survivor was weird-Rob has the flu and then gets up from a blackout and plays like normal?? They don't need to fake stuff-just play the game. Funny that the so-called good guys can't get together to win anything or even have a conversation without fighting.