Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go Sweden

The very young Swedish Curling Team (men) beat the GBR team soundly in the preliminary match and today they are up against the Great & All Powerful Canada Team in the finals. This horse is my only remaining souvenir from my first visit to Sweden. Stockholm. Just before Christmas. There was daylight for about 6 hours and cozy candlelight the rest of the time. Cobblestone streets in the old town where I window shopped. Pink pigs were a big Christmas item. I bought the horse and straw Christmas ornaments. No pig.

It rained hard last night and most of the snow on the lawn is gone. 38 degrees. From the weather reports, the ski resorts in the western mountains have TONS of new snow. But last week was school vacation. Timing is everything.

The house lights are on this morning. It's dark in here. G is going to be cutting out the pieces of MDF for the Bunny House. I worked with a ruler and pencil and tried to find the right proportions for the little bunny house. I needed an eraser. Finally, I did what G suggested and measured the Gingerbread House for comps. I was way too tall. I had a good width. So more erasing. Now, I think it's good. If not we'll go buy another $6 sheet of MDF. Still not sure G will be able to cut the stuff. He has tools but it's not always that easy. Is it?

I got a nice haircut yesterday and had a lovely Indian lunch. I had the Nine Gems, Rice, Pakora and Chapata. And I packed up half of everything to eat for dinner. And I made Carbonara for G. He was happy and I was happy. Then I watched the 10th and extra end of the Swedish game.
And marked up the board for the Bunny House.

I don't have any list of plans for today. Bunny House? Lasagna for tomorrow? Ironing? Laundry? Clean sheets on the bed? (yes) A shower? (yes). Oatmeal? (yes). I have a Romance to read today. Haven't read one in a LONG time. Garwood's Sizzle. Rich woman and handsome FBI agent (who is also rich). That's the formula because women like "shopping" and "danger" and "handsome" and "rich" and "romance". In that order.

Several of the establishments where I was seeking employment in the first weeks of January, are now looking for a new employee. Again. They don't retain them for long do they? Some where around four to six weeks and the new employee makes a run for it. Probably took them that long to chew their leg off. G suggests I go back and ask for another application. (no).

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