Thursday, February 18, 2010


The fake radishes I found in the attic storage boxes. I also found two large bags of wool meant for crewel embroidery and other wool stitching, but not knitting. I had forgotten about them. I had taken a few other photos but then noticed the lovely radishes and quickly deleted everything else from the camera. I keep very few photos.

I watched Curling yesterday for many hours. TiVo'ed and so I could skip through all the ads. I got to see Lindsey Vonn after she won the downhill gold and was surprised to see her wearing mascara, eyeliner and lots of other cosmetics. A real athlete. Do they take them to "hair and makeup" before they compete? The Women Curling Teams are also all made up and combed out. Well, except for some of the German team. Both American teams (men and women) lost again. I'm disappointed that these are the matches we are shown. Now that the US men can't get a medal I hope to see some of the other, winning teams, compete. Like Canada. And Sweden.

G has the day off. He walked Riley in the woods yesterday afternoon when he got home from work so Riley would sleep. Well, it was a bit too much. Overtired. Riley was still awake when I went to bed at midnight and he was trying to comfort himself with his big green spider toy. Poor baby.

I now have a HUGE pile of books to read on the reading bench due to a visit to the library. And a recipe for homemade pita bread that I want to try. And a new hummus recipe. I made myself a large pot of bean and escarole soup yesterday. I added a bit too much red pepper flakes. Quite a burn at the back of the throat. But delicious. Three cups for 300 calories. All the calories are from the beans. Sort of compensating for the breakfast bread.

I think we will be eating a late lunch out today so I will be making the Chicken Marsala tomorrow for G. I bought chicken and mushrooms yesterday at a quick grocery stop. I'm trying to only purchase what I need for a few days and not load up on food. My cupboards are full. I need to try and rotate some of the older stuff into our meals. I may just sort and label things with dates and a black marker. I know there are things way in the back of the higher cabinets that I never see and forget I have. Like dry packets of mushrooms and chilies.

The grocery had large packages of skinless, boneless chicken thighs and I almost bought one so I could finally try Nigella's chicken Muglai curry. I know I spelled that wrong. G won't eat Indian food. I love it. Perhaps I should make it and freeze it in small portions for myself? I have all the spices. I'll let you know what I decide. I have talked to myself many times about only making things he likes and never making things I like. Many times.

Windowsill Gardening is also on my very short (and getting shorter) list of things to do and think about. The class is on Saturday morning. Sam will be walking Riley and I think she is bringing a friend along for the walk. Which means they will be in the house. So I have to clean a bit. Or at least straighten the slipcovers and fluff the pillows. And the bathroom (which I have delegated to G).

Okay, my list is pretty long as of right now. I need to write it on paper and cross off stuff as I finish it. Because later I have Curling to watch. And that is important. I'd love to throw a curling rock someday. I'd put that on my Five Year Plan if I was making one.


paula, the quilter said...

I'll be interested in an opinion (and maybe the recipe) on the pita bread. Too bad I'm at work 'cause I have a dynamite recipe for hummus.

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Diane N said...

I love Indian food, too, and I love making it. Have you used any of the cookbooks by Julie Sahni or Madhur Jaffrey? They have some really wonderful recipes and easy to understand and make them, too, (although some can be time consuming).

Madhur Jaffrey has a wonderful recipe for tomato chutney that is a great way to use up an overabundance of summer tomatoes.