Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter--When I Dream of New Beginnings

I saw this image on another blog and it says it all.  Simplicity.  Seeds.  Spring.  While I wait for Winter to do it's work.   And that work is decomposition in the soil and compost piles.

Today we are having rain.  Which is making everything turn to ice because, while the air is warmish, the ground is very cold, covered in snow.  I would prefer Winter to chose one.  Snow or rain.  Not alternate between the two.

My Amaryllis bulbs have decided to make only leaves this year.  Not one flower bud on any of the dozen plants.  I am disappointed as the bulbs are large, had many leaves over the summer and I expected a few flowers to cheer me up in January and February.

One of the citrus trees decided to drop all it's leaves.  It's bare branches have now been pruned back and we are waiting to see if it leafs out.  Again.   The others --well, no one is dropping leaves at the moment--but who knows.  They may have gotten a bit too cold out on the sunporch during the "big deep freeze" that was December.

Nothing much is going on here today.  G is napping.  The dog is sighing.  He wants a walk--never mind the weather and his lunch.  I got up late.  Next on my agenda is a shower.  Finish reading my book.  Do a bit of cleaning.  Perhaps change out the dishes.  Put Apple away and bring out Petite Fleur (which has never been used except for coffee and cake in the 1980's in Germany).

Riley wants lunch.  Got to go.

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Helen L Conway said...

I just wanted to say: it is a long time since I commentedbut I have been reading and enjoying!