Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

The only Horse I own--is this little Swedish one from my first visit to Stockholm.  I think there might be something auspicious about a wooden red horse.  I know that this will be a good year for red wood fire (chicken) dogs.  Me.  And G.   Good for relationships, career, money (long term) and love.  There will be unlucky challenges to overcome--but, hey! that's life.

G and I are going out to have dumplings to celebrate.  I think long noodles are lucky as well.

Tomorrow I start a new journal.  I am adding things (mostly recipes) to the final pages of the journal I have been using for the past two years.  They fill up slower now that I have the blog.  But there are always things I can't or shouldn't reveal on the blog.  So, still things to write.

Yesterday my daughter came by to have her hair done.  We had quite a long chat, she took home a pair of boots I hadn't worn and two sweaters.  Then G and I settled in to watch 3 episodes of Fringe from the first season.  I am getting the hang of the "new" Netflix.  G and are are kicking ourselves that when we purchased Netflix (this is not something we do as a rule, buying video entertainment) we should have also purchased Netflix stock.  We buy stock in what we use, keep it if the product is great and sell if we have complaints.  The stock has tripled.  Lost opportunity.

G and I had our first experience of "binge" episode watching when we ordered the free trial month of Netflix last winter (January).  We watched four episodes of "Life" with Damien Lewis and paused--- so we could run into the kitchen and get something to eat!!!!--- than back to it to watch three more episodes.  We wanted to watch them all before the free month was up---as we had no intention of keeping the service.  But we kept it.  And we'll be watching this weekend, since we have no interest in the Super Bowl.  TiVo will record all the new shows during our "binge" so we won't miss anything.  It's all good.

This morning, I was trying to remember what I had done yesterday.   I am at a loss.  Can't remember doing anything other than folding some laundry.  So, today, I am going to try and do something.  I'll let you know if I remember what it is tomorrow.

Oh, I remember.  The hour or more on the phone with Unemployment.  Today-- I'm reading my book.

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