Friday, January 10, 2014

Dog Paws Jumping Off The Deck

It's snowing again.  Seemed warmer yesterday and colder today.  I feel warmer, in the house, with a scarf wrapped around my neck.  The peachy pink one my daughter gave me for Christmas--to "put color" in my cheeks.   Reflected color.  And it's warm.

My paperwork packet arrived (on Wednesday) from the state unemployment office.  I have my work Search Diary and my Blue Book of rules.  Ready to go.  My seasonal furlough lasts around 10 to 12 weeks.  It could be shorter this season.

Took the few ornaments I had off the tree and almost all the lights.  I'm leaving that last few feet up around the top for G to handle.  He's better on the step ladder than I am.  I step "off" into space--forgetting I'm on a ladder.  Been doing that since I was 16.  Terrible habit.

One of the neighbors is having a "welcome party" for the newest residents of our street.  (this is a first) We're all invited on Sunday from 3 to 5.  G and I are the most senior residents (in length of time here on the street).  Everyone else is new (to us).  We see them come and go.  The fascinating thing about this little "get together" is that there are people on the street who don't like each other.  I will be going to see how it shakes out.

Tomorrow we are going to my gardener friend P's house.  We'll be having cocktails.  So, far, January 2014 is turning out to be quite the social whirl.  I'm feeling dizzy.

And, Gemma, I have lightly boiled (35 minutes from a cold start) the beef marrow bones I give Riley since he was a pup.  Six years.  He still has a few of the original bones and enjoys gnawing on them (his teeth are incredibly clean).  The bones don't splinter because I buy the thickest ones I can find.  I boil only until I can remove the marrow and cut away any "ick" and tendons on the outside surface of the bones.  I did buy thin ones one time and he cracked them in half and I immediately took them away from him. He chews the new bones for hours, days, weeks, months.  We check them.  And if any look thin, we toss them.

The raw bones give dogs the "runs" and smell up the house.

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