Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Which Way?

These Winter furloughs give me too much time for thinking.  Usually, I am running off to work, trying to clean house, wash clothes (for two people we certainly use a lot of clothing), make food and watch some television.  No time for deep thoughts.

Today, while trying to find out why I have not gotten one single check from unemployment--which meant being on hold for one entire hour-- only to find out the Retail job has one more black mark in my book.  And I have two more weeks to wait before getting anything as we are waiting for Retail to respond.  The guy said "this is not a need based system".  I'm not waiting to buy food or heat.  Others are.  Not "need based" ???  Get a clue.

And on the Job Search which is part of unemployment.  Actually, there are very, very few jobs to even apply for.  None in my field.  This is troubling.  The only job market that is growing is being a Personal Care Attendant (PAC) for the elderly.  Maine is the oldest (population age-wise) in the nation.  Wake up America.  There aren't enough people out there who want to change your diapers for minimum wage.

Vegan Cooking.  The comments on one blog were really rude and mean.  If you don't agree--just STOP reading.  I don't understand the rudeness in the comments.  Yes, it is better (imho) to eat real foods and not synthetic ones.  But I see no reason to not allow you to do as you see fit.  I don't want anyone telling me what to eat.

Stealing.  From others.  Like using their ideas to move your own work forward. Which I think is very wrong. I find this a difficult thing to understand.  If I have artistic "secrets" why share them on a blog.  Keep them secret.  If you share, I don't know it's a secret.  I might just try it out for myself and even find I can't do it as well as you do.  And, actually, how many secrets are there for sewing one fabric to another???  Or in creating a soup from simple ingredients? No one has accused me of anything.  But there are posts today that suggest this has happened to others.

Those Tide Laundry Pods.  I have to add regular detergent and then add the Pod.  Why can't the Pod already have detergent in it?  Why does it say Tide if it isn't Tide?  What is it?

Netflix.  We pay for the service.  We don't always use it.  Then yesterday, I used it.  And Netflix said we didn't have service but we could sign up for free.  And it is now VERY difficult to use.  Let's just say I am not all that happy with the "new" premium Netflix.  I WAS happy to watch three episodes from the first season of Fringe.  I'm not looking forward to trying to get back in to watch more.  G discovered he can watch Netflix on his iPad while watching it on the television.  I guess I could have gotten it running on the computer, also.  All the screens within five feet of each other. But not in the same place in the episode.

The pot roast turned out great.  Thanks for asking.  A friend suggested cooking my next pot roast in marinara sauce and eating over pasta.  OMG.  Can't wait for the next pot roast sale.  She suggested it so it's not stealing.  I thought the meat might be good in a tortilla with salsa and sour cream as well.  Or on nachos.  Or thrown in the pot with vegetables-- soup.  Not just a pot roast anymore!!!

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Annie said...

Right, I did a pot roast last week and it's still going strong. Beef soup for dinner this evening, last night was chili with cut up roast. We've had it sliced thin for sandwiches and there's a little left. Such a versatile food! I don't like it the first day 'though, it has to set a bit to be good.