Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Can't Winter Snow Always BeThis Nice?

The trees are flocked with white snow.  No wind.  No rain.  No ice.  This is when I like winter.  The sun isn't shining but that's good--as the snow will take longer to melt.

Today I have to mend the linen fitted sheet on my bed.  It has a tear in it.  It's the "new" thinner (cheaper) linen I should NOT have purchased.  Better for blouses or hankies.  Not sheets.  I will be using an old hankie (or two) for the patch to mend it.  And hand stitch the patch.  I tried using the sewing machine on another sheet and the result is too bumpy/lumpy.  It's in a corner.  So, the new patch can live, in future, under the pillows or by my feet.  A very sweet embroidered hankie would be nice.

I have done some laundry.  Am considering doing some vacuuming. Have a bit of book to finish reading.  Defrosted a Whole Foods Olive roll to have with my second cup of coffee.  Thinking about what to make for supper.  Sunday.  A rather nothing day.  I can see why I always enjoyed being able to go to work on Sunday.

Oh, and I have my skein of floss to work on.

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