Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress Report On The Hard/Easy Project

You can see some measurable progress in neatness.  No lumps or bumps.  The process is not creating any "noticeable" happiness (for me).  Or relaxation (my shoulders and neck are getting very tight).  And, most of all, I can now say, with confidence, that I am not a person who enjoys doing work that has no purpose. Especially, if I do it badly (even though it is less badly than it was at the start).

This will never "be" anything.  It won't be art.  It won't be something anyone could use. It's never going to look nice. It would be an example of something "not to bother doing".

It's a struggle (for me) for the entire skein of floss.  A fight.  A brawl.  A desperate attempt to flatten the bunched up red part.  Which leads to further bunching.  To do this for a month.  No.  To do this for a year?  One straitjacket please.

I relaxed my tense sewing nerves for two days by stitching quilting lines onto two placemats that were falling apart.  I had done a minimal job of quilting them when I made them.  It wasn't enough.  I only had trouble with the bobbin once and had to rethread the machine twice.  So it was a brilliantly successful sewing machine experience.

 I did notice, while in the bobbin area, that the underside of the machine needs a good cleaning.  But first I have to find the instruction booklet.  When things come apart down there --they don't always go back together.  Bernina does that to discourage do it yourself cleaning, I think.


I need to re-think the daily sewing on the hard/easy project.

I also need a very hard slap in the head.  I went to the Rec Center and walked for 70 minutes and then purchased a box of blueberry scones and ate two.  What WAS I thinking???? (I was hungry)  And I had been doing so good regarding not eating things I should not be eating.  And, adding insult, the scones are terrible.  The remainder of the box is going into the compost bucket.

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