Monday, January 20, 2014

Road Trip

My friend P, while visiting family in New Hampshire for a birthday, stopped at the Maine Crate&Barrel outlet and purchased a new couch and chair.   This was on Sunday.  She called me when she got home and asked if I wanted to go "with" when she rented a U Haul and returned to C&B to pick up the couch and chair.

G said I should go.  A little "fun".  A "road trip".

At 10:30 this morning we set out from home.  P had rented a cargo van (not the truck pictured) and she was given the 2 minute tutorial on how the van was to be driven when we got to the dealership.  And off we went.

I was pretty nervous.  P had never driven a van or anything else as big as the van.

90 minutes later we arrived at C&B.  Two guys loaded the furniture in the van--I was very happy to see both pieces were wrapped in heavy plastic for protection.  Then, because we were there ------ we went inside and did some looking and shopping.

I needed replacement lids for two kinds of storage containers--one being the French Working Glasses that I love using for jello.  I got six extra lids as the lids seem to disappear.  Two shower liners.  When we lived in Chicago I bought a new liner every year.  When we moved I bought two extra.  Over the years I have tried buying them whenever I am anywhere near C&B (and am not always lucky enough to find any).  Been awhile.  Needed new liners!!!

I also bought some Calendula Linen Napkins.  Linen.  Orange. On Sale. And four more with black circles drawn on a white cotton background.  Three classic black frames for family photos.  Measuring cups.  A nice red apron.

Then we drove back home.  90 minutes.  We stopped to eat a light lunch.  G was waiting for us in the driveway of P's home and the three of us got the new stuff into the house.  Loaded the old couch from Aunt M into the van (for a quick trip to Goodwill).

 Now P was pretty nervous about the couch fitting thru her doorway.

G and I have been moving furniture for 45 years.  No problems.

I was happy that I had gone along with P.  She needed support.  We had a good time.  And now she has a very nice new couch and chair in her little house.  A day well spent.

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be*mused jan said...

Sounds like a fun day!