Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out With The Old Dishes

The Apple pattern dishes are now tucked away in the cupboard.  I will miss their cheerful colors. We had our first meal on the Petite Fleur (aka Sticker Dishes) and it was rather startling to see them used. I prefer to have the part of the plate where the food is to be pattern free.

This is the French bistro inspired flatware.  The items pictured are the tiny demitasse spoons.  Perfect for stirring tiny cups of coffee or eating tiny desserts (or yogurts).  I have three sizes of spoons. Demi, teaspoon and tablespoon.  My new Chef catalog is offering me a fourth size--- the round soup spoon.  In black.  I am tempted.  Sort of.  It is evident that we used some of these pieces at some point since 1981.  The knife handles aren't shiny black.  So, I am left to wonder if buying another 8 spoons is a "smart" idea.  They are very sweet looking.  And would be fun to have for French onion soup.  Which G says I do a good job making--and really should be making it again, real soon.  There was nothing, in those letters about getting old, regarding finding our treasures and adding to them.  I noticed a few missing sizes of plates in the sticker dish inventory, but do like the rice bowls.  Didn't buy them in any other pattern (so far) :-)

Tonight it's baked ziti.  And I made brownies.  G is happy.

It's Really cold again.  Coldest winter in 10 to 12 years here in Maine and I know "people" who think we live really close to the North Pole up here.  So.  That's pretty cold.  I'm just saying.....  Riley even turned back on the walk today.  He'd had enough.

I am three days behind on my "daily project" so have some work to do to catch up.  I tidied up the table and----- out of sight out of mind.   I was working on it when it was there right in front of my nose on the table.  In a big heap.  Now it's in a bag.  On my television viewing seat.  Can't miss it.

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Annie said...

Oooh, love the apple set, I want to see the "sticker"set.

Yup, we live very close to the North pole, but seems this winter half the country does too. Spring is going to be extra sweet this year, and I can't wait. Sure miss getting out for a walk, but refuse to freeze my lungs.

Take care
: )