Friday, January 24, 2014

"Sticker" Dishes aka Petite Fleur

Here it is.  Feminine.  Sweet.  With that tiny, thin band of red on the edges.  The plate shape is exactly the same as the Manoir  which I have used relentlessly, for years.  It's plain.  No color on Manoir except for the base color of bone.  Perhaps I thought they would play well together?

Here is today's breakfast.  I can't even tell you how happy this made me.  The Apricot Preserves, Butter and Brotchen (though this is not brotchen, but rather a more French baguette type roll).  The  very breakfast I had each and every morning in Germany.  And on my pretty flowered plate.  I usually read the International Herald Tribune as I worked my way through breakfast.  The placemat is one that I made using my very own painted fabric mixed with commercial dots.

I pulled a foil wrapped frozen roll out of the freezer, unwrapped and popped it into the oven for 30 minutes.  It was perfectly warm and crusty.  Sigh.

My cooking mojo must be working.  The Ziti I threw together was amazing--helped along by the timer not going off.  So, it got way too brown on top.  That was the best part.  The brownies were very good.  They too experience a longer baking time.  My little red timer may need to be retired.
Today we are going to the grocery.  I want things for salad.  I am craving the tang of vinegar with my dinner.  And, it's the last few days to get a pot roast on sale.  And a second one for chili.

I have started a new diet journal.  It's time.  I'm not giving anything up this time.  I am returning to 1200 calories of anything I want.  It worked before.  And this time around, I am much smarter.  I know the joys of a big salad with a side of protein, broth with stir fry vegetables and a few rice noodles and soup, chili and other lovely things in a bowl.

I also know I must walk for an hour each and every day.  Walk.

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Annie said...

Wow, I like that set even better than the apple, just so sweet. Thanks for showing us this one.

I've got a pot roast going today, don't really care for pot roast,but do love the aroma given off on a cold winter's day as it simmers on the stove. Comfort!