Sunday, January 05, 2014

January 5, 2014

I was looking for a picture of a Pomegranate but instead I have this--which is the right color.  I had four in the vegetable crisper, purchased BEFORE all the extra employment.  I needed to cut them open and remove all the ruby, juicy arils.  Now I have.  And I can start eating them with yogurt.  For lunch. Perhaps with a squeeze of tart tangerine juice.

I also, finally, had a moment to file for unemployment.   Never, never an easy thing to do. And with two employers now--more trouble.  I know the retail employer does not pay claims.  But I had to list it.

Downton Abbey tonight.  Bistro steaks, baked potatoes for supper.  I'm not sure what cut of beef a Bistro steak is exactly, but our favorite restaurant (now closed) used to have them and I liked them with a cognac shitake cream sauce.  Anyone know where the Bistro occurs in a steer?

The sun was shining today and it felt like summer outside--  somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees. G took Riley for a walk on his leash.  Had him climb snowbanks.  To wear him out.  Riley was very happy to be out and about after too many days in the house.  Riley was smart enough to know it was way too cold for him to be out.  He thought it was way too cold for him in the house as well.  LOL

Both G and I have actually finished reading books.  Amazing.  I even have a second book at hand to start reading.  What a thrill!!!  We watched football last night.  And had a flatbread pizza that G put together and baked.

I tried on all my pants yesterday.  Sorting them into piles.  Too big.  Just right. Too tight.  You'll be amused to know I am wearing the "too big" pile.  All the pants are the same size, same style, same brand (guess who).  Some need a belt to stay up.  Some are too short at the ankle.  Some need to be cut and hemmed to not drag on the floor.  No wonder customers bring them back.

The just right pile--another set of issues.  Some button easily at the waist and some take some huffing and puffing.  There are two sizes in this pile.   And you would be dead wrong if you thought the larger of the two fits better. Another reason to return the pants, if you paid full retail.

Pile number three.  Let's just say--if I struggled to get them over my butt--the pants went into pile number three.  My "test pants" are the pants I try on to see if my diet is working.  I was surprised to see they are the same brand as all the others.  These pants are over 7 years old.  And they fit sporadically over that period of years.

What was LESS amusing was a favorite pair of pants I purchased in July--that I wore to work almost constantly until it got cold--and which are in pile number three.  They fit in September and October.  They CERTAINLY DO NOT fit now.  That's how incredibly fast the extra weight piled on and I started wearing the stuff in pile number one.  I guess. I didn't eat any differently (though G was making nachos a lot during those months).  My body is a mystery.  The previous weight gain happened at about the same time.  I purchased skinny jeans in early November and in February I couldn't pull them higher than my knees.  So "something" happens in late October to January/February.  I know I don't indulge in holiday eating or baking.  I wish I could.

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MariMo said...

Good morning! Found this explanation on Wikipedia:
Occasionally seen on menus as a "bistro steak", hanger steak is very traditional in Mexican cuisine, particularly in the north, where it is known as arrachera, and is generally marinated, grilled and served with a squeeze of lime juice, guacamole, salsa and tortillas to roll tacos. In South Texas, this cut of beef is known as fajitas arracheras. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as flap steak or flap meat, which is a distinctly different cut.
Have a wonderful "Dreikönigstag" (Twelfth Day)