Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Errand Running Day

We had checks to deposit at the bank.  Library Books to return.  Bills to drop off at the post office. Pants to return to Freeport.  Lunch (French onion soup).  Then Petco for dog food (and Riley had to sniff the hamster display and the parakeet display).  Then Target for a desk top calendar (that I write on all the time while on the internet--it's right under my keyboard).

G used to work at Target and is fondly remembered by people still working there. So he had to "catch up" on the gossip.  G doesn't really remember most of the people but he's kind and polite and listens with "interest".   I used my credit card to pay and now I regret doing that. Dumb move.

To make myself feel better (???) I ordered a peppermint mocha.  Decaf, no milk (cream instead), sugar free.  The $4 size.  I brought it home and mixed it half and half with regular decaf.  Finishing the second very large cup as I type.  Delish!.

The question I am asking myself right now is---how many pairs of winter boots is too many?  I brought home another pair today.  They may be my second favorites. I have heard others ask "do I really need another jacket?  Down coat?".   With me, it's slippers, fleece pullovers, thermal tees and winter boots.  Enough to supply me for the rest of my life.  Sigh.

I looked for Valentine photo card holders.  I thought I would make and send Valentines.  None.  Then I looked for card stock.  The smooth heavy kind.  None.  So I guess, tomorrow, I will visit Staples and see what they have.   I can also cut photo holes in card stock, myself?

Tomorrow I am walking the Rec Department track with my friend.  One hour.  Then we might have a coffee.  We haven't seen each other since I started having two jobs in late September.  Lots of news to catch up on.

Watched Downton Abbey on Sunday.  Bored.  The writer of the show--Mr. Fellowes mentioned in an interview that there are only 7  possible story variations.  He doesn't know how long that will interest the viewers.  Well, I can tell you the "Thomas creating trouble" story line has worn paper thin.  As has the "Lord Grantham being dumb as a rock" story line.  Rose is now playing the "Sybil as Rebel" role.  We'll still watch as G likes the show quite a bit.

Our shows right now are Blacklist, Almost Human, Good Wife, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest (which had better step up it's game as it's getting very dull), Atlantis (for laughs), and Netflix for West Wing when all else fails.  What are you watching?


Paula, the quilter said...

Mainly movies. But I do record (and watch) Downton Abbey, Alaska the Last Frontier, and Elementary. Now try to figure out my tastes from that eclectic assortment. :)

Annie said...

I agree with you,Joanne, about Downton,same'ole,same'ole. How long can we endure that,and Mary's whining, she drives me crazy? They sure do need something to step up the interest. I do admit it's all pretty to look at, the costumes, landscape,interiors.

Actually during that time slot give me The Good Wife and Mentalist.
Also like Blacklist(looking forward to new one) NCIS, Law and Order SVU when it's on.