Thursday, January 16, 2014


Here are the six little drawings I made.  Not dated.  So last winter or the one before.  I am thinking the one before (2012).  That would be the last time I remember visiting the art supply store.  Buying all sorts of pens.  Brush tip.  You can see where I started getting interested in newspaper collage.  These are pages from an old dictionary.  I found the "model" for these--in the workroom.  All dry and desiccated.   I must have put it away (!!!) with the art supplies when I cleaned off the dining room table.

I found a blog about cleaning off the dining room table--aka "the dumping ground".  It seems I must look at what's on the table,  assess (figure out) why it's not in it's proper place and then make sure "the proper place" is made accessible.  In the article this entailed "shopping" for containers for said items.

In my case--it means walking to the place the items belong as they all have a proper container.  But a nice basket for gloves, scarves and hats wouldn't be amiss.  And more hangers in the hall closets.  This is the major reason things aren't being hung up there.  A mud room by the backdoor?  Now that's where all the boots, coats, gloves etc should be left upon entering the house.  But it's COLD back there.  Meaning all our nice warm things would be freezing cold when we put them on.  Not good. It takes a long time to warm up freezing cold boots and coats.

We had sunshine yesterday and it was very nice.  Not today.  I have on a thermal shirt and a wool sweater but I am still cold.  So, I need another layer.  Another sweater.

G has been "teaching" his new Siri iPhone to talk to him.  It's very funny.  Today, while putting on his boots (for Riley's walk) he pocket dialed her.  The resulting conversation was amusing.  Until she produced my dad's obituary including his picture.  Why?  Is he sending us a message?  I am totally creeped out by that.

I have a load of wash to fold and put away.  The bed to make.  Dishes to put away.  The dining room table clutter to analyze.  I have about 5 pages left in my book  "A conspiracy of faith" by Jussi Adler-Olsen.  This is the third of his books.  They move slowly, the prime character isn't likable.  He is slowly (way too slow) gathering his little band of problem solvers.  Assad, Rose, Hardy.  But the stories are interesting and they come to a very nail biting end--eventually.  Department Q.  Cold cases.  If I am correct, there is a fourth out there.  I just have to find it.

The pile of winter reading is getting taller each day.  Three for each of us.

Oh, in case you wondered.  I did bake the ham and make the other dishes.  The beans took longer than expected to soften but they gave up finally.  So lots of food in the fridge for meals this week. I plan to freeze most of the beans but use some to finish off the brown rice I made last week.  I like a good bowl of beans and rice.

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