Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What It Might Look Like

I selected this photo awhile back but lost it in the file of 663 items.  Shaker.  I even like the gray green paint.  And I have always been fond of the open shelving on the left side.  I even like all the white dishes on the shelving.  Guess what?  I have most of the stuff on these shelves.

Today I have a pot of red chili beans on the stove cooking with a quartered onion, garlic cloves and 7 cups of water.  They soaked overnight but are taking their sweet time getting soft.  Smells good.  I never know exactly how old (and dry) the beans are.  These beans came from the Natural Food store in Town.  But when?  I also looked up a recipe for chili gravy to serve with cheese enchiladas.  And a recipe for making my own chili powder.

The carpenter was here.  Picking up some of his tools and seeing what we were doing regarding ordering things (not much).  He actually thinks we would be better off buying a new house.  A smaller more energy efficient house.  Which is what I think, also, and have for about 10 years now.
 G does not.

I promised G I would make something for dinner today.  The long anticipated baked ham.   A nice pan of au gratin potatoes and even a green bean casserole.   Apple sauce?  I haven't cooked anything besides a very quick (but delicious) cherry tomato pasta sauce, twice, in the past 2 weeks.  G has made a few simple flatbread pizzas, some nachos and gotten take out.  He's also eaten sandwiches and the pot of chicken soup I made.  I think he deserves a cook meal and some leftovers to work with in the next few days.

I'm off to the kitchen.

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