Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Sun-Day and the Rain Has Stopped, For The Moment

I don't have the house lights on today in the new "kitchen" and we enjoyed reading the sunday paper with sun.  Here's a cactus in flower.  I think this is one that I potted up using broken bits off a customer's plant.   Or bits off a store plant that broke in transit.  It's a very pretty peachy pink.  And, as usual, I like it best in bud.    This saucer holds three little 3 inch pots of cactus.

Yesterday it rained.  And rained. And then rained some more.  While the above ground temps were in the 40's the ground was in the deep freeze.  So, for most of the morning--the surfaces were ice.  When G and I left, to drive to P's for dinner, the "snow fog" was pretty.  On the ride home, in the dark, the snow fog was dangerous.

This morning we woke to brilliant light.  The SUN.  And out in the yard, the snowblower trails that G carves out, are now green grass.  Frozen, but green.  The paths you see here--lead 1. to the birdbath and 2. to the bird feeders  and 3. past the feeders and around the vegetable garden and then left and down to the shed and compost bins and back to the house.

Riley uses the paths.  When the snow gets a hard thick top layer--it's dangerous for a running dog.  Could break his leg.  It's also dangerous for 67 year old men.  Me?  I don't go out there at all.

Before and after our dinner with P, G and P walked around looking at the many things a single gal needs help with.  Loose chair seats, a mirror that needs hanging, shelving.  They would yell for me when it they needed an "opinion".  I always have those handy.

My opinion on the larger mirror in the bathroom?  Honestly, how much of yourself do you really want to see?

On closet space?  The "three bag" method of sorting.  Keep.  Get Rid Of.  Don't Know.  After 30 days, sort the Don't Know bag again.  I also mentioned my method of taking all the summer (warm weather) clothing and washing, drying and folding it into a large container and then storing it in the nether regions of the closet.  Doesn't need to be taking up closet space on hangers.

I also recommend folding sweaters, pants (the casual type) and stacking them on shelving.  P had cubbies that were the perfect size but they were filled with a mix of non clothing items.  I, you know this, sort by size and season, in my closet.   The shirts in my closet are a mixture of sizes and season and I need to weed my way through.  Too many items from the employee store.  Twenty cent pants and $4 linen shirts are like crack for me.  I just can't stop myself.  Anyway, I need to move the short sleeved linen shirts to a container.

We had a nice mixed salad, a tomato based vegetable soup, bread and sour cream chocolate cake yesterday.   Oh, and very nice gin and tonic "cocktails" using a new brand of gin that P has found in the local grocery.   A very large bottle for $19.  It was very smooth.  It was a delightful visit.

Then we watched the rain soaked Patriots do their version of the Chicago Bears.  A running game.  G got very nervous in the last quarter but I knew they were going to win, even though I read my mystery and only looked up occasionally.  The games leading up to the Superbowl are always the best games to watch.

Later today---  the neighborhood meet and greet with the new neighbors.  He's a major real estate agent.  Good news to have him on the street.  I hope.

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