Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Gear

My shoes and G's snowblowing gloves are looking a bit weary. I think everyone is getting tired of winter chores. Not winter, itself. Just the work that winter forces us to endure. The shoveling, car scraping, slipping and sliding etc. Tonight it is going to rain here in Maine and all our lovely soft snow will freeze, condense and crust over with ice. Ugly, ugly winter.

I wish I had someone walking the dog with me. So I could have a photo to show you. Me, walking on the street and Riley, walking up on top of the tallest snowbanks he can find. We bring joy to every passing car. Or at least a big smile. A woman with a dog kite.

I am checking things off my list today. We (all three of us) got a late start this morning. It's now nearly lunchtime and I have just now finished breakfast. It's going to be a difficult diet day for me. I just ate breakfast and am still hungry. Yesterday, I was over by 135 calories so that has to come off today's total. I had a small portion of G's pasta.

I have one of the white slipcovers in my small stacked washer. I had wanted to wash them at the laundromat but that isn't going to happen (I really don't like going there). So, I have one of them in the washer right now and will do the other as soon as the washer finishes. And try and dry them. They are made of a very heavy duck. I may have slipcovers spread out over the bedroom and office for the afternoon and evening.

I finished my Wallander book after midnight last night. Sidetracked. And now I can watch the DVD which is due on Tuesday. But, I will attempt to renew it.

I filed for my unemployment for the week ending 01/23/10.

I took two Tylenol for what I think is a bone spur in my heel which is aggravated by walking the dog. It doesn't hurt while I am walking. But it does hurt after. Today G will be walking the dog and I hope he will vacuum. He doesn't think so.

I am going upstairs in search of boxes for my post office run tomorrow (if the streets aren't dangerous) or Tuesday. I wish the post office was open whenever I wanted it to be open. Like today. I am also going to walk around the house with a garbage bag and fill it. I won't stop till it's full. That's my challenge for the day. And I am carrying all the college test booklets my son left here at home down from the attic and putting them in the recycle container. I shredded paper on Wednesday and have two kitchen garbage bags packed full of shreds. I think I can make some improvements if I just set myself small daily goals.

It's Sunday and this is the day I water all my plants in the upstairs room. And soak the orchids. that takes quite awhile. I don't hear the washer chugging away so the first slipcover must be done. It may not sound like a good day, but I think it will be a good day. The sun is shining.


Diane N said...

You have made my day. The image you conjured of a woman walking with her dog kite made me smile and feel very happy. Dogs can make a simple walk an exercise in exuberance.

I think it sounds like it will be a good day for you. I think that accomplishing small goals one at a time can be so gratifying. And if the sun is shining, so much the better!

Your blog makes my day. I am so glad that I found it.

dee said...

I hope the heel feels better. That's very painful.
I must ask you about re-potting the immensely over grown Clivia in my BILs basement. I think it needs dividing. Poor thing is so root-bound it's over the pot and growing out the sides. I don't get in that basement often so when I saw it recently I was appalled. It looks like I could make 3 plants out of one but I'm unsure of the whole dividing thing.
Small goals always work better for me.