Monday, January 18, 2010

Shovel Us Out Monday

It snowed. I could barely get the back door open this morning (late) to let Riley out. He went out and sat. Wondering what had happened since the last time he went out. I will need to shovel off the deck so the door opens properly. And it wouldn't hurt to do some other shoveling for "diet" exercise.

I am having cold cereal for breakfast (fiber) at a whopping 500 calories. But it's nearly 10.30 and I won't be hungry till dinner time. When I can have more fiber with Linsensuppe or salad. We also have leftover Chinese from yesterday afternoon and some Nachos from Wednesday. I'm still good with the diet. This is day five. I haven't gotten to day five in 2 years.

I am halfway through my Wallander book "The Man Who Smiled" having finished the collection of prequel short stories. I have two books waiting at the library. I was going to go to the grocery store for yogurts today but I may ask G to pick them up on his way home from work. He'll have to snowblow this afternoon. Unless, I get the driveway done by hand. I used to be able to do that. Remember the lovely herringbone pattern in older posts? I wonder if Riley will approve or disapprove? He prefers a walk. I can't do both. And I shoveled by hand pre-dog.

Everything is muted and quiet when it snows. The day seems wrapped in white wool. A nice day to snuggle on the couch and read. I started a load of white laundry, got the coffee going and the dog has resumed his position on the dog bed. I intend to wash the down lap comforters we use on the couch to keep warm, change the bed sheets and do the shoveling. I think that's enough. I may take Riley on the short 30 minute walk. Not the 80 minute walk which we usually do every day.

I can't think of anything interesting or pithy to remark on today. My brain has gone to mush. Perhaps it was from watching Return to Cranford on PBS last night? The cast was all star Brits, though. I saw some very nice knitted items which will probably be blogged by all the knitters. I still yearn for the knitted brown wool shawl worn by Tess when she was chopping turnips at that dirty farm. I don't knit. I think you have to have the genetic code for mathematics in order to knit with all the increasing and decreasing. I have done crochet. An afghan. It was quite enjoyable. And simple; just the same thing over and over until I ran out of yarn.

I had a thought this morning before I got out of bed. I thought about making binding, sewing it to the king bed quilt I made (lunacy, years ago) and then turning it and hand stitching. The quilt is blinding in it's bright colors and patterns. I don't know what I was thinking. Just the thought of cutting folding and pressing that much binding and then fighting with a 110 inch square quilt under the needle on the sewing machine makes my stomach clench. The studio is so cluttered, the quilt will collect and knock over any number of piles. All of them, most likely. Perhaps, I can just stitch on my tiny 12 inch squares instead.

G just called to report that NONE of the streets and highways had been plowed when he drove to work at 5.30 this morning. It's 11.16 and no plow has come down our street yet. Town Services? Bah! Edit: Just talked to my daughter and her street has been plowed multiple times (3 while we were on the phone). It's MLK day. A holiday.

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gema said...

LOL, are you in my sewing room? What a riot it is!

I shovelled this morning but it was already melting here. Still, I didn't want the mailman to slip up on driven over, hardened snow. Then I got a box of kitchen salt and sprinkled....I know it isn't good for the environment but I had nothing sand, grits or 'other' salt. No one really wants to use salt around here but what can one do? Now we have heavy slush and the car swims. Today I went to the city and tried parking in a side road and my car got stuck....halfway in the parking slot and halfway across the road. My dd thought it was hilarious, while I hoped no other driver would come along wanting to get by....did get it out eventually....and we had a good laugh.

I hope the snow is done for this year. I am now working for a month in home care and hopping in and out of the car onto slippery ice and snow, going from house to house is sometimes treacherously dangerous....but fun...just a wee bit!