Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Swept Sea

I noticed the snow had drifted into little "waves" on my trellis. Snow swept seas. And more snow is falling. It's actually winter in Maine this week. The snow is soft and light. Champagne Powder is what skiers call it. Not the heavy wet "snowman" snow that sticks to skis and slows progress. Is it snowing in Vancouver?

I learned an important lesson today. A blog lesson. I emailed a comment to a blogger to record a critique of one of her pod casts. Today I read that I was "hateful" and mean and writing from some "dry place in my heart". All I said was that I found her voice irritating. I loved the pod cast when the guest was speaking and the questions asked and the space given to the guest to think and answer was perfection. It was the host's voice and her laugh that set my teeth on edge. And I wrote that those elements would keep me from listening to any other of her pod casts. Even though I would have enjoyed them, for the wisdom of the guests being interviewed. Now, I am recorded as "loathing" her. Perhaps I did say that? It's not a word I would normally use, but perhaps I was feeling "loathing" at the time. I could check my sent emails to see for sure.

My lesson learned? Bloggers only want sweet, lovely comments. No criticism. They can rant in their posts (and she did, saying most podcasts SUCK) but let someone write to say "you suck, as well") and I am now being cast as Miss Nasty. I can and do have the reputation (ask my daughter) for writing less than polite emails. I am also known for giving children the "evil eye" when they are loud or obnoxious. But I can still think of myself as a good person, kind, caring and able to laugh and enjoy life. My heart doesn't feel dry and mean. My dog loves me.

So, I am crossing this blog off my list of daily reads. It was never in my sidebar as this blogger goes "off the ranch" pretty often and I have to stop reading the post. And that should have been warning enough that sending an email wasn't the "thing" to do with her. But her podcasts would have been so much better without the sound of her voice. Some people do not have the voice for "radio" if you know what I mean.

I shoveled and did laundry and read my book yesterday. No television. No walk for the dog. He had plenty of fun in the yard running through snow up to his belly. And slept well last night as we all did. G had to come home from a long day at work and clear off the driveway. I had shoveled a path from the house out into the street for him to walk when he got home. Nothing like trying to slog through 3 or 4 feet of snow plow snow at the end of the driveway in your work shoes to really put a cap on a bad day. Or start one.

I am going to do a little cross stitch sampler that says "only sweet comments" and post it above the keyboard. Like that would do any good. I am my own worst enemy!!!! LOL


Joanne S said...

I looked in my sent emails and did not use the word "loath" or "loathing".

N said...

Funny how we get cast as "uptight" or not nice. I've been playing that role at my job ever since our new hire joined us. Seems everything I do around him gets filtered through his "mean, dry" place and twisted into me being evil... I say - let them revel in our evilness - like you say - our dogs know the truth!

paula, the quilter said...

I swear, some people need to have a bit thicker skin. I don't care what that person says, I like reading your blog. O my, can you imagine if everybody was sugar sweet all the time. Gag me. Loved the photo. Go to Cast-On and listen to Brenda's voice. Yes, I know it is a knitting podcast but just listen to that voice! She has actually read for Libri Vox. Now there is a more professional podcast.

Eloise said...

I was glad to read some others patting your back. I've been accused of similar too, and I think it's because I'm too direct. If people ask an opinion, I assume (or used to, at least) that they want my honest response.

Of course, uncalculated feedback is often the most honest & truthful, so you're probably right that this person doesn't have a voice for radio, but that her talents lie off-mic. I always found being right a comfort. Heehee!

Don't go changing! (I sometimes delay hitting the send button nowadays though... I think I might be growing up... boo!)

Hand Quilting Nana said...

I like you just like you are. In fact that's why I read your blog. Honesty is the best policy and if people don't appreciate it, well then it's their problem!

My dog loves me too.


Diane N said...

I think this is about the funniest thing I have read. You have done no wrong here. People so often request "constructive criticism" but then are so horrified when they receive it. I guess they only want glowing constructive criticism. If she wants to do podcasts and has an abrasive voice, I would suggest that she first listen to herself and then invest in voice lessons. Easy fix!