Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orchid Class

Yes, I went to a class on orchids and didn't even think to bring the camera. Duh! what a terrible blogger I am. I give you ordinary pictures of stuff in my house when I could have given you orchids. I was delighted by the sun yesterday.

I also was busy tearing pages out of magazines and gluing them onto the left hand pages in my journal. Covers up the bleed through I get when using Sharpie fine point pens. I like dark, liquid ink when I write. I hate scratching along with a dry nib pen.

I bought some Stevia in the raw sugar free sweetener. GAG. The package says "we got rid of the licorice aftertaste". No. You didn't. And, if I do say so myself, licorice coffee is not a flavor people will enjoy. Trust me. I wonder if my grocery will give me my money back? I will return to using regular, real sugar, in my coffee and tea. And the artificial stuff is WAY TOO SWEET. I also intended to buy some fat free Coffeemate creamer in liquid form. Fat Full Coffeemate is 15 calories a Tablespoon. Fat Free is 10. Why bother?

Riley and I had a pleasant walk today. He had to wait till I returned from Orchid class and the grocery store for his lunch and his walk. And it warmed up quite a bit from the 8 degrees it was when I left the house this morning. Everyone was happy to see me at work. They act like I'm on a delightful, long vacation. Which actually could be true. If it was warmer.

I can't think of anything funny to write about today. It was nice to get out of the house this morning, see my co workers and my boss, look at pretty flowers, smell the damp humus smell of the greenhouse. I asked about repotting orchids, mentioning that I work there at the greenhouse, and the speaker (President of the Orchid Society of Maine) was very nice and explained it all to me. Now, I will be a better employee. Charcoal lumps from the woodstove (washed), chicken scratch, coconut hulls and natural perlite. No feeding until spring. Humidifier. 40 degrees at night for the cymbidium. Phals never go outdoors. I think they bloomed last year because I had them on the sunporch when the temps were almost to freezing outside. This year they came in earlier and didn't get the "touch" of frost that sets them to produce flower spikes.

I changed my calendar to February already. Got to get ready for my dentist appointment. Clean teeth on Wednesday.

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