Friday, January 15, 2010

A Late Start

I woke up at 10 am. A whole two hours of my day has been lost forever. I did stay up later than usual as I found the new Project Runway repeating the first show at 11:30 last night. It was better than usual. These people actually have customers and some design photos. Now, I need to remember the day and time for next week. I also watched Fringe.

The picture above is me working, reading and finding facts for tomorrow's class on Growing Healthy Houseplants. I have two students so far. My boss says I can stay all day if I want. Meaning I would be able to get 8 hours of pay. I have Riley to walk so I will stay until noon and then go home to feed Riley his lunch and take him for a walk. Three hours of work won't effect my unemployment.

Today the temps are supposed to reach 40. I can feel a change in the house temps already and the sun pops out every so often. So, today's walk will be lovely. I'll just pop a pain pill before we go, as my left heel is giving me some pain after a walk.

The diet is back. I was in a store that had a large full length mirror. I stood and stared at myself for a good while. Not liking what I saw. Not at all. But I did have a Margarita and Nachos afterwards. So, when I got home I got out a new food diary, the calorie book and my big red calculator. And last night I had a dream that I was continuously eating, even eating while preparing another meal, after having eaten a meal. And your dreams shall show you the way. Enough.

I had another picture but it seems to have disappeared. I found a 1993 Jeep brochure that I can use as an altered journal. I looked for a one dollar children's book yesterday to alter (ruin) but couldn't find anything large enough or with sturdy pages. I want to add lots of paint, gesso and stuff to the page spreads. Really work it. Use my Speedball ink and rollers. Have some fun. I think I will gesso a full spread in the Jeep book before the walk so it's dry and ready for further work when I get back.

I had a few precious minutes (it seemed) with the sewing machine and colorful threads yesterday. I did good work on the Passion piece. I backed three 12 by 12 pieces with the white felt I bought Monday or Tuesday but only got to work on the one yesterday. The felt (instead of batting) works very, very nicely with the machine stitching. Thank you, Deborah!

A late start today, but still plenty of time to get some things done. The Christmas ornament box has arrived so I can get the ornaments packed away. And I can haul the tree out onto the porch. Vacuum the needles. All after the walk. Now I must get to the gesso. Dress. Put on shoes and walk the dog. I think I'll make chicken noodle soup for G.

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gema said...

Calorie King is the very BEST!!! I used this calorie counting method and lost ALL the weight after my first and second preggies. After the third, I didn't get back on track to use it. I think I'll pull it all out again and start from scratch. I got the calorie counter, the Handbook and a booklet to record the calories and daily activities. I never used this booklet, instead I photocopied the pages and kept the booklet intact. This is an Australian writer and I purchased it all in Australia 20yrs ago. Did you know they have a diet website up? It is a great place, unfortunately, I didn't keep it up and you have to pay for membership.