Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morning: Waiting

Riley was up early as usual. He's waiting for something to happen. For G to wake up. For me to get dressed and put on shoes which equals : walk. For lunch in four hours. For squirrels to chase. For nests of mice to find in the snow. While I am seated here by the computer, he knows the wait will be long. He groans and grumbles but stays on his bed, waiting. Every so often he gets up and comes to see if I am still sitting here. When I type he knows where I am. When I read, he can't hear me doing anything. The photo above is of a dog check made after I had been reading blogs for a half hour. Nice legs.

I slept poorly last night and woke feeling angry. I have been trying to shake off the angry feelings in the hour I have been awake. I just now made my first cup of coffee. Reducing the sugar by one teaspoon. Saving 15 calories. Delaying my breakfast. Wondering how to spend the day. I need a book to read so will possibly make a trip to the library. G and I read our books last night instead of watching the President speak. Talk is cheap. I'd like to see some action. So far, Obama has wasted a year.

His health plan ended in the proverbial Christmas Tree of gifts and bribes in exchange for votes. Just let everyone buy policies across state lines and open Medicare to 55 and older taxpayers. Simple. Here in Maine we have one insurer. And each year a 20% increase in premiums. The State legislature passed laws to make it impossible to buy insurance from any other state (let's all say "special interest lobbying"). Our big insurer (the CEO is paid 40 million dollars a year in a state with only 1.2 million people) says that out of state insurers are "unreliable". My husband and I have been covered by an insurance company in Illinois for the 20 years we've lived in Maine. Because my husband works for a corporation based in Illinois. They are very reliable. All our local bills are paid promptly. Our rates never go up 20% a year. Can you hear the big sucking sound made by Anthem here in Maine???

Will Obama's plan change any of this? No. And why is Medicare reimbursement sent to the states? In our state, the Governor just decided to keep a large portion of the Medicare reimbursement payments from the Federal government to balance the state budget (full of pork, teacher pay raises of 12% and entitlements such as 100% health care coverage for state employee's union members). Hospitals and doctors are getting a "percentage" of the payments for services rendered to Medicare patients. THIS is why doctors and hospitals are cutting back on Medicare services. Why shouldn't they expect payment? The Governor is guilty of grand theft and should be arrested in my personal opinion. Who, besides bank employees is getting 12% raises with unemployment at 19%? Who should be getting free health insurance on the taxpayers dime?

Wasn't that pleasant? I'm going to eat breakfast now and do something to make myself happy. You do the same.


dee said...

AMEN, AMEN, to all of that.
I have a cold I'm going to feed so I'm not paying attention to the calories today. Lots of hot herb tea and some movies and much crabbiness. Obama didn't make me feel any better. Clueless comes in all parties.

gema said...

Now why am I not surprised to find 'dee' the Republican chiming in here??? Any criticism of the present administration brings 'dee' out of the woodworks.

I think you are right J, I am not the least affected but I can understand how and why you are of this opinion.

What I THINK (doesn't matter) is that President Obama had no clue what he was up against when he took on his present job. I have his back and hope he can see his policies become reality.

Never saw 'dee's' trail backing anyone if there was critique of the last administration.

Where I am it is night and I am off to bed. Enjoy your day!

Diane N said...

If "Obama had no clue what he was up against when he took on his present job" that sure doesn't say very much about his smarts, either political or business, let alone being in touch with the people of this country. He marketed himself as a savvy, forward thinking guy with a plan who would and could wark hard and get the job done. Yet even with Democratic majorities, he can't get the job done. He is a disappointment. I can see why he titled his book The Audacity of Hope. One thing he isn't lacking is audacity. No real practical accomplishments that I have seen so far and he doesn't even have the good sense to surround himself with people who have real world experience.

dee said...

I'm not a republican-I'm just a disappointed voter.

gema said...

Diane, Looking back at your last 5 or so Presidents, name me one who had all those attributes or LESS for which you fault Obama. The only single thing I would fault Obama for is not being more determined in putting an end to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. BUT, again it is what runs the American industry. WAR. Maybe now he knows.

So, maybe if you try hard enough you will be able to vote Bush in power again. Just keep trying.

Hi dee!