Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Discipline of Denial

I didn't work yesterday. I volunteered. I needed Master Gardener hours and I do want to collect unemployment. I continued the diet. The discipline of saying no.

The hardest periods of time are afternoon and after 8 pm. No food after 8 pm. G eats cookies and drinks coffee. I have tea. Afternoons because I am hungry then and not interested in cooking or fixing a salad so I tend to have a piece of fruit, a chunk of cheese and then a handful of chips etc. So, I have absolutely nothing instead. This is when I do those chores I don't like. This is when I go and iron. Pack ornaments. Clean up messes. Then I reward myself with my book.

Riley is waiting for G to wake up. I am not a good substitute for G. Once G wakes up the man and dog party begins. And the walk in the woods. Good times.

I may not be as perky this week. Saying "no" all day wears on me at first. I have learned to say "yes" every once in awhile. I just said "yes" to a French Roll for breakfast. 260 calories. One pat of butter and apricot jam. I will eat slowly and enjoy every crumb. I will being saying "yes".

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