Monday, January 25, 2010

Red Blossoms On A Rainy Monday

The rain is coming down. It's 40 degrees in January, in Maine. Riley is at doggie daycare for the day as we wouldn't be able to walk and he will at least be wide awake all day at "school" since he doesn't nap there. So, he'll be tired when we pick him up.

The big frozen mass of pork is now slow cooked (overnight on high) and shredded. Roasting slowly in BBQ sauce. I love it when I have a fantastic dinner at the end of an ugly, gray, wet day. I got the white slipcovers washed and dried. I'm going to fold them today (not easy). And put them away in the linen closet. They had been in a big pile on the bedroom floor. G vacuumed the hardwood floors. No carpeted areas :-(

I watched the first disc of my Wallander DVD yesterday while G watched football. Whoever wrote the screen plays decided to change the plots. So watching the DVD will not lessen the book's appeal as they are completely different. And all the stories they have done are Midsummer stories. No snow. No cold. And Wallander is driving a high end Volvo not the beat up wreck Peuguot that he drives in the book. And his apartment is swanky. Leather chairs etc. Everything in the DVD is very high end and gorgeous (very British). Everything in the book is described as used, old and seedy, including Wallander himself. So I am enjoying the gorgeous "eye candy" of the movies and not taking anything else too seriously. Riley's eyes were riveted on Kenneth Branagh whenever he was on screen. And his dog ears were on "alert".

G got Sunday lunch at a new place (for us) in town. He got a wonderful meatball sub (homemade meatballs not frozen manufactured ones) and I got a pita filled with vegetables called a Tugboat or Towboat or something. Everything was well made, fresh and now we have a new place, closer to home, to get good, quick food. They don't make French fries but they do make pizza. Later we had popcorn.

The diet and the saying "no" to foods is wearing on me in this second week. Just enough to make me testy and a bit angry. So today I think my bowl will be filled with "not so very much" and most of it not here in the kitchen. It is safe to be in the kitchen as there is nothing much to eat. No chips, no cookies and no brownies. There are small 70 calorie apples. I will be somewhere else, anyway. And I do have boxes to pack and address and tape and take to the post office. I have a "purpose in life" today. And it's raining. Hard.

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dee said...

dieting makes me crabby too. Hang in there. You did it once, you can do it again. Even though it really sucks. I just got back from the Dr. for my check-up. My ears are still ringing and I'm crabby right along with you. Christmas treats really did me in....sigh