Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bracelet Maker

The second one, on bottom, is much more interesting than the first. I had learned how to use the bead pin to make dangles. This is the one that is too tight for my wrist. I think I prefer a simpler clasp, also. These are too large with too much metal coming in contact with my skin. I was lucky and took the top bracelet off before I got a rash. You should see me with a necklace.I can safely wear gold or platinum. But how many craft classes have those available?

I will be happily occupied taking these apart and constructing new and fabulous bracelets. Perhaps with elastic wire. Or cording. I'll ask H for input.

Day Seven of the Diet. I prepared my nonfat yogurt and Grapenuts for lunch. I let it sit in the fridge and get all gooey. I haven't decided on breakfast but I think it will be oatmeal. The shredded wheat serving I like is too high in calorie count. I have to learn to have a smaller serving. The good thing is that most restaurants now are listing 550 calorie or less dinner items. In 2007, when I was on the diet for an entire year, I didn't have those options and eating out became a misery instead of a joy. I got very tired of salad with little or no dressing.

I think I finally have the Laundry polished off. Dog blankets are in the dryer and permanent press in the washer. I have one sweater to hand wash (wool) and that will be it. Until G comes home and makes another pile. I am getting my haircut at 2 this afternoon. And I need to make personal appearances to "look for employment" so I can fill out my Work Search Log.

I have to find the library books we picked up yesterday. G may have left them in his car. No. He put them on the library book table. And, Yippee, I got the DVD with three episodes of Wallander which aired on PBS. It will be interesting to SEE the Swedish police station and the scenery. The three books on the DVD are all books I haven't read as yet. But, I watched these shows when PBS broadcast them. And, really, it's all about the procedural and not so much about who done it. This is what I'm telling myself.

It's not snowing right now. Everything was brightened by sunshine when I woke up but the sun is gone now. The world outside is white. Completely white. I will be walking the dog after he has lunch at noon and then going quickly to get my haircut. I should stop at the grocery on the way home and get something for dinner, perhaps a roasted turkey breast or some ribs. Some thing meaty. G has been having soup for a few days now. So that's my plan.

And, yes, I will remember the Yak Trax today. I don't want to slip and fall and miss my hair appointment.

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paula, the quilter said...

I make stitch markers for lace knitting. They are made like the dangles on your second bracelet but I add a jump ring at the top and then solder it closed so it won't snag the yarn/fiber.