Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Challange

The mountain of crap that is my studio. Today I am going to pack stuff up to give away. If anyone out there wants to pay postage only for queen wool batts or queen cotton batts, give me a comment. I have both and won't use them, ever. If I haven't even thought about using something in the past few years, then I am getting rid of it today. And blowing my nose often. Something has triggered my allergies. And my skin is bone dry and I look all faded and old today. Not a good day. Stand back.

My passion flower in progress. You may notice I added many bands of color around the center to give it more "center" It even gives it a bit on contour. I may have to "go into" the background and leaves a bit with paint or texture. I like the watercolor effect but it's still a bit too loose and "runny". Needs to firm up. Solidify.

My written journal is getting more art and collage than writing these days. I just don't have much to say. I'm not being introspective. No navel gazing. I would rather be typing this from a beachside bungalow in Key West. Ever since my daughter mentioned her neighbor was in the Keys for two months, I have been thinking about why I'm not there. In the sunshine. Eating mangos. Walking the dog on the beach. Drinking frosty beverages.

But here I sit wearing a wool sweater and blowing my nose. The sun is shining and I could be out sitting in my beach chair on the deck getting a suntan. It can be done here in Maine in January. I did it last winter. My face was brown and tan and everyone envied me my tropical vacation (ha!). Maybe I'll vacation on the back deck for 20 minutes before diving into the studio clean up. And drink my second cuppa coffee out there. G is walking the dog today.

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Karoda said...

are you interested in your wool batts! what do i need to do? are you using paypal?