Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And The Bucket Waits

Riley's Bucket. Out in the snow. He likes to play (chew) on these shrub and tree pots that I get from work. But only when I am outside with him. So lately, the bucket has been lonely and unchewed. Waiting.

I had a lovely day. I finished my book. Did Laundry. We must either be the dirtiest two people or the cleanest depending on how one looks at the evidence. I had sheets and the duvet cover, dog blankets, snow clearing clothes (sweaty), work clothes and everything needed it's own separate washer load. And it takes forever to dry because the dryer is 20 plus years old. Ancient. Possibly medieval. Like everything else here.

I caved at 3.30 and took the dog for a walk. They (the Town) had not plowed all day. It snowed all day. So I tried walking in the tire tracks left by the garbage trucks this morning. Riley wanted to walk closer to the big heaping piles of snow. Under the snow was slippery ice. I did not have my Yak Traxs with me. And then we had the back and forth dance before pooping. And deep snow makes this time honored "dog thing" even more time consuming. Eventually, he packed down snow under a small evergreen and did his business. And we resumed the walking and slipping adventure.

This evening, after G finished clearing the driveway again, we all three got in the car. We had mail to take to the post office drop box, books to return and (yippee) books to pick up and "miracle" the library was still open. I have two more Wallander books!!! And then I got dropped off at the former textile mill where a class in bracelet making was taking place. And I made two bracelets. I had a good time. I asked nice questions and then sat and listened intently as the person answered. A good listener is always appreciated. And I picked up my big heavy bag of architectural magazines. For architects. Technical stuff and sometimes neat art or typography. For my collages. I may not find anything, but the hunt can be as much fun without a prize at the end. That's very Zen isn't it.

I had a bowl of cold sliced beets for my dinner. And a homemade lemon bar at bracelet making. H made lemon curd and shortbread and then put the two things together. It was a small bar but so lemony. And I had raspberry herbal tea with honey. I will have to calculate the calories tomorrow. I'm not worried. The no food after 8 pm rule is the most important rule of the healthy eating diet. And no television is the second most important rule. Two hours of "screen" viewing per day. Blogging takes up most of that for me. So, no television. Bet you didn't know that reading uses more calories than watching television.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures of my two new bracelets. I have to add some beads to the second. I need any jewelry I wear to be very loose. In fact, I had to take the bracelet that I made, off, because it is already making me itchy. I am allergic to most metals. And there is a metal clasp. And it touched my skin for too long. I know how they are made, so with a few components from the local bead emporium I can take them apart and rebuild them sans metal. Which is what I will do.

Hey! Thanks for all the "sweet" comments on this morning's post.

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dee said...

Wow, I missed the whole Podcast Dust-up. I'd love to know who. Never did the podcast thing yet.

I like you and I like your honesty.
I have two really close friends. One is direct and, while it has occasionally smarted to hear a certain truth, I know I'm getting the real opinion. My other friend is very sweet and I absolutely know that she doesn't like my wonky style and artistic penchant-yet she will never really address how she really feels. I'd rather have the truth since, on many occasions, it has forced me to take a another look, re-think, and come up with a better solution. I love being praised but I need the honest input as well.